Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The July Quarterly Delmar Police Commission Meeting

Last night the Delmar Police Commission held their quarterly meeting.  All members were present except Chief Saylor.  Among the items discussed before going into executive session (a questionable move.) 

The Delaware side of Town was subject to Project Safe Streets which resulted in the quarter of issuing 1,654 tickets (citations) as compared to the Maryland side of town in which only 153 tickets were issued.   

They are working on the Animal Control agreement and it will go to the lawyers for review.

A letter was sent to A & EK Properties, owner of a house (rental property) at 24 East State Street ( it's the brown house along side of Town Hall)  that the town will file for confiscation of the property due to the drug activities taking place at the property.  Strange that they have not done the same on the old Nero apartments in town behind my house.

Delaware has a website for Wanted Persons; Go To
and select
"Wanted Person Review"
and enter the name of the person you are think might be in the data base

The site is very boring, there does not appear to be  any to bring up everyone in the database name and address, so unlike the sex offender list you don't know who is wanted in your neigborhood.

Kids are hanging out in State Street Park after dusk and the police were asked to remove them.


C21801 said...

Re: Kids hanging out after dusk.

Heavens forbid! Kids exercising and enjoying fresh air after it finally cools down after a long hot day.

Get them back in the house and in front of electronics right away!

1) What are the ages of the "kids"?
2) How much after dusk? like 9:15? or 1:30am? I think up until 10:30/11pm seems reasonable depending on age during summer
3) Where they doing anything illegal or even immoral?
4) Are "kids" not citizens of the town and free to use public spaces?

Delmar PD has cameras up in the park to record any wrongdoings. I have security cameras that pick up images just fine in darkness (infrared led illuminated)

Why is it the job of the police department to parent these kids? If the parents are ok with kids being out, then what's the problem?

Just think we're becoming too much of a nanny-state. Maybe if everyone just relaxed a little, things would be better.

Ray Wisniewski said...

Relax? I think that is the problem, we expect someone else to control our kids, parents are too busy. When I was a kid I got my butt warmed up a bit if I was not at home after dark and had done my school work or chores. Todays kids have no quidance, they just do what they want. Right?

Dixie said...

The park closes at dusk and has for a long time.
This is because of the amount of vandalism in State Street Park.
Even 2011's holiday season, there were holiday decorations vandalized and destroyed.
The problem is, the parents no longer police their children! They don't know where they are and they don't care where they are and what they're doing.
Kids are not taught about consequences anymore. I remember a few years ago people were complaining that the town had no Christmas decorations.
The Chamber of Commerce used to be the group who decorated State Street Park and had to stop because they could not afford to keep replacing decorations year after year.
Maybe you should research the history on vandalism in this park before claiming Delmar's become a "nanny-state".
The cameras are only good if someone is monitoring them!