Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ribbon Cutting Laurel Delaware Train Station

Well I braved the heat to go to the grand opening of the restored Laurel's Train station.
It was about 95 degrees and they had what seem like a ton of people talk about the work they had done to get this train station and museum restored.  The hot air greatly added to the heat of the day. 
but finally everyone stopped talking and cut the ribbon.
This is a  great looking place and a lot of money has gone into it to make it great ( I understand $200,000 was spent on the parking lot alone.)

I know the difficulties financially we have in Delmar trying to have a Historical and Arts Society and the Laurel Historical Society has several buildings they keep up and now Laurel has the Laurel Heritage Museum. 
It shows the advantage of having elected state officials living in your town.
Even Don Darby, noted train hobbyist and collector, braved the heat and was there.
Outside is a Coastal geodetic Marker benchmark that was reset in 1948.  Back in 1903 the Coast and geodetic Survey  
set a copper bolt ((Pennsylvania Railroad bench mark #58) in the doorstill of the Ladies' waiting room (not Bath room - waiting room) to show Laurel was 30.487 feet above sea level in 1903.  I did not spy the copper bolt in this trip thru the station.

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