Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maeve Binchy

One of the writers that I enjoy was Maeve Binchy, an Irish writer, who wrote novels about Irish families and life and the Catholic Church in Ireland and Irish-Americans returning to find their "Roots" in Ireland, all written in a delightful way that made even I, a person who never travels, feel like he picked up something about Ireland.  Maeve Binchy Snell died this past July 30th in a Dublin hospital.  She was born May 28th, 1940, had a traditional Irish-catholic upbringing became a newspaper writer and published her first book in 1982 (Light A Penny candle") when she was in her 40's.  She wrote 16 novels and several collections of short stories.  Frequently the characters in one novel would appear in another novel so if you read many of her novels you felt very comfortable with them.  I understand she was not considered an exceptional novelist but I always enjoyed her books.  I think the best one was "Firefly Summer" one of her early books (1989).  "Firefly Summer" is set in the make believe  Irish town of Mountfern that only has a handful of families and a rich Irish-American returns to his family roots to build a hotel there.  In his attempt to economically help the town he creates more problems than he helps with. 

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