Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Money For Government

More borrowing - more paying back by the tax payers, last week it was the Delaware side of town for $400,000.  This group of elected people are going to kill us with taxes and borrowing.  At least the Delaware side has a chance to get rid of them this year.  Did you look at your tax bill from the town this year?

Following the Federal government example of borrowing the Town of Delmar seem to have forgotten where the money comes from and after borrowing for the new town hall do the police need a million dollar building?  They are using that speed camera enough if anything we should be laying some off.

So while they are in a million dollar building you can go shop for a new refrigerator box to live in across the track in the woods with the rest. 

When this first started the police were going to move into the old municipal town hall and maybe it would cost $100,000 to fix up,  the $100,000 was bad enough to swallow now they want a million for two town that have less than 3,000 people (less than 1,500 family units) in each town. 

So get off your ass and go to the town hall meeting and tell them - NO.

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Dixie said...

I really hope the taxpayers will show up and do what you suggest Howard and tell them NO!
I don't understand why Delmar PD has to have everything brand spankin new and over the top. Just doing renovations on the old Town Hall building would be worlds better than the building they're in now! You have to crawl before you can walk and the town leaders need to remember this and tell this to the PD!