Monday, August 13, 2012

The ADA Ramp Curbs Are Useless

As I have written before the Handicap ramps at the corner curb and driveways that have been put in are useless.  Currently, due to the construction in our area, the drains have fabric covering so they don't drain very quickly anyway, but the water now backs up and floods the sidewalk.  So in this recent rain everything flooded - except the normal sidewalks.
This may have been a good ideal originally but somewhere along the way it just didn't work.  I don't even think the less then a half percent handicap people we have in Delmar even use them so the other 99.5% have to be inconvenienced by the ADA ramps.  I wonder how many school students walking to school will walk in the street instead of having their shoes get wet trying to walk on the sidewalks.


Dixie said...

Looks like some things never change. The town spends all that money repaving the roads and it leads to new problems.
I drove down by the post office yesterday and saw how there are utility accesses in the road quite a bit higher than the new pavement.
It surprised me since I saw in the paper just the other day something about another paving job going out to bid in Delmar.
Why can't they finish one project, correctly, before starting another one? This one by the post office has taken way too long, in my opinion and it's awful!
Who's responsible for oversight?

Hyperion65 said...

Yup Same story here. The Spec "recommends" a drain where water can collect but due to cost cutting its never done. In the winter the corner sidewalk is a nice 3 inch thick sheet of ice that's bound to create more handicapped after they break their hip.