Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are You Better Off Today?

Are you better off than you were four years ago?  Dumbass question.  Anyone who buys groceries, gas or any commodity can tell you hell no.  Selling your house - Good Luck on that one.  Unemployment percentages are up from four years ago (7.8% vs 8.3%) and they are made-up lies numbers from the government, I still insist the rate is more like 13%.  As I recall four years ago there were no pan handlers at the Northpoint Shopping Center (Walmart) now there are about 5.  When I turn off the RT50 bypass onto Snow Hill Road there is even a guy there with his hand out.  My car was rummaged thru a couple weeks ago and about ten dollars in change was taken.  Foolish me for thinking I could leave my car unlocked in my own driveway in Delmar but they had a homeless person confess to the crime.   It use to be kids that would a stunt like that now it is homeless people.

Four years ago I could take plastic soda bottles to the store where I bought them and get a 4 cent deposit back - today Governor Markell sticks that money in his pocket and tells me I have to put the bottles in a recycle can which I am sure next year I will have to pay for the pickup of it. 

The Town of Delmar Delaware wants to borrow $400,000 for their share of a million dollar upgrade to the old town hall to make it a 'modern' police building.  The town of Delmar Maryland is adding the part of the money - fools - this is for a town that has less than 6,000 people and the Delaware side already borrowed $600,000 for the 'new" town hall.  Like Dirksen use to say about uncontrolled government spending: "A million here, a million there, pretty soon, you're talking real money."  I think one of the big differences in this take out a loan outlook depends on  rather you are a taxpayer supporter employee or a private business employee.  The taxpayer supporter person will almost always say SPEND SPEND SPEND - hell most of the time they don't live in Delmar anyway and second they have no idea how to generate money - only spend it.

Do I blame the President for some of this mess - No - the President is not a leader only a figurehead - I blame congress for this mess and as long as you return the same people to office it will stay a mess.   

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Ray Wisniewski said...

Great post, I agree 100%