Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Street Construction - A Life Time Project

Well almost two weeks ago they came in and put down some topping on First street between Jewell and Grove. 
That was on a Thursday and they had signs up not to park on First street Thursday and Friday.  so come Friday no work - no work all the next week - Yesterday they were back.

Due to First Street being closed however the Post Office was unable to have their trucks back into the Post Office and load and unload.  In True "The Mail Must Go Thru" manner however the postal employees rolled their mail carts across the street on a very hot day and loaded in Shorts Funeral Home Parking Lot.  I even saw one woman employee remove her coat as she must have broke a sweat working.  So Lets Hear It For The Post Office and Shorts Funeral Home who allows everyone to use their Parking lot. -- Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah, Yea !!!!

Let's see this project started before school started a year ago and we have gone thru a school year, a summer break and are now starting a new school year, children have been born, people have died, but still the project goes on.

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