Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Ready For Heritage Day

There has been some sprucing up in preparation for Heritage day on Saturday.
Mason Dixon Auction has put a new coat of paint on their building and it looks good.
The Delmar Historical and Arts Society has put a fresh coat of paint on the Caboose.  The Society had planned to build a new set of steps at one end of the caboose but you know the how the availability of volunteer labor goes.  Happily Mike Houlihan stepped-in (No Pun intended) and donated a set of steps at the caboose for Heritage Day.  Now you can go in one end of the caboose and out the other end without creating a traffic jam inside the caboose turning around to leave by the way you came in. 
And of course the LeCates Building continue to be in the same shape it has been in for all the Heritages Day festivals.  It is a continuing announcement to the world of the state of decay Delmar Delaware is in.

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jackieandbryan said...

Thanks Howard! We still have more painting to be done at the auction but we certainly appreciate all the compliments we have gotten so far. I would also like to add that we will be having a Yard Sale on Heritage Day from 9am until 5pm. Some items include Christmas Decor, Halloween Costumes (Adult & Children), Tupperware, Denim Days Figurines, Delaware Baskets, Crib & Toddler Bedding, Graco Infant Car Seats, Disney VHS and much more.