Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Scrapple Saved The War

Foods That Will Win The War and How To Cook Them. By C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss
This is a very interesting cookbook from 1918 that can be found on Gutenberg's books  free website

The cookbook is a help the war effort book by using less wheat, meat, sugar, fat etc, but many recipes are interesting and viewed from a modern day approach of less gluten, less sugar, and whatever is the current "use less of" for healthy living the recipes can easly be made "modern" to fit 'healthy' living style.

One recipe for the war effort was Scrapple - what could be more healthy for you?
Place a pig's head in 4 quarts of cold water and bring slowly to the boil. Skim carefully and season the liquid highly with salt, cayenne and a teaspoon of rubbed sage. Let the liquid simmer gently until the meat falls from the bones. Strain off the liquid, remove the bones, and chop the meat fine.
Measure the liquid and allow 1 cup of sifted cornmeal to 3 cups of liquid. Blend the cornmeal in the liquid and simmer until it is the consistency of thick porridge. Stir in the chopped meat and pour in greased baking pans to cool. One-third buckwheat may be used instead of cornmeal, and any kind of chopped meat can be blended with the pork if desired. Any type of savory herb can also be used, according to taste.
When scrapple is to be eaten, cut into one-half inch slices, dredge with flour, and brown in hot fat.

There are also many sugar free desserts and candy recipes.

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