Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday October1st Delmar Delaware Has An Election

Tomorrow the town of Delmar, Delaware will elect a Mayor and two councilpeople.  It promises to be a boring affair with a low turnout. 

Our current Mayor Mike Houilhan is running unopposed which is good and bad.  He happens to be a decent person but running unopposed he will never know if this is a great show of confidence in him or just another case of Delmar apathy and the people in town just have no interest in running the town.

There are three people running for two councilman positions.  One is Robert Thompson, who is going for a second term as a councilman.  A second person; William Boyan, a member of Delmar Planning and Zoning is running for one of the positions.  According to the Laurel Star Boyan is in favor of growth and job creation.  He is following a natural progression by having some town experience under his belt with P&Z.  Alan Littleton, the third person, a member of the fire department the same as Robert Thompson,  is also running but I have no idea what position he is taking. 

Rob Thompson is the only one to talk about working within a budget which the town will certainly need with the addition of the loan obligation for the Police station renovations.  Of Course, Houlihan and Thompson are two of the elected officials who wanted this improvement and the loan, so good luck with that budget issue.  I have seen no advertising or campaigning from any of these people so you might as well flip a coin to decide which one you want to vote for or base it on whom you are related too. 

As usual you will have to go out of state to vote in this Delaware election.   I think the voting hours are 7 AM to 7 PM at town hall. 
There will be a special council meeting after the election at 7:30 in town hall to award the renovation contract for the Police building to Chris Walter of Terra Development. 


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