Sunday, September 16, 2012

Money Whores

Once again last night was cool and for a change from the past hot summer we could open the windows and let the air in, but not for long, by 8 PM the Delmar Speedway was blasting away so the only option you have is to close up the house to keep the noise down.  Even that doesn't help.

So now Mark Cathell is trying to sell his "Decorating Delmarva Holiday Festival of Lights" ideal.  A 36-night event, starting in mid-November, features six major sections on a two-mile tour through an animated tour of the North Pole, holiday lights and community-built displays and concludes with a visit to Santa's Village.

He has convinced a number of schools, churches, and other nonprofit groups to help him sell advance tickets and he will kick back a third of the money to their organization.  Are these organizations such money whores that they would help the largest noise polluter in Delmar continue to support his race track?  Yes they are.  Those organizations could care less about the quality of life in Delmar and we should remember them and their position in supporting the race track endeavors in the future.  including any elected officials who decide it is a good thing to support them. 


Andy Fleetwood said...

I agree 100% with you Howard.

Dixie said...

The racetrack was there long before most of the complainers were. It brings in dollars to Delmar which helps businesses in Delmar survive so they can pay their taxes.
If we lose all the businesses, guess where your taxes are going to go, UP.
It's not like they run races out there year-round and the Decorating Delmarva thing is a great idea and it won't be noisy like the races.
Sometimes getting older, we all become a little less patient and a lot more sensitive, that's just how it is.
But for you and others to try and end something that's been around so long and does so much good in the Delmar community is ridiculous. Especially since the track is not even inside town limits.
However, once again, here's someone, whether it be an individual or a group trying to do some GOOD in Delmar and there are those trying to shut them down.
Keep it up and Delmar will turn into just another small slum town because nobody will care about anything in the town, or care about the people. They'll STOP doing GOOD things and then where will you be.

Delmar82 said...

I agree with Dixie - look at the positives of this event..and Delmar Racetrack has been there for generations..and continues to draw crowds and $$ into our local economy..don't KNOCK it.