Saturday, September 15, 2012

The 2012 Permanent Fund Dividend

Unlike Delaware and Maryland in Alaska they actually give you money to live in their state.  Delaware and Maryland however do give you ration of shit so I guess that makes up for the money. 

The 2012  dividend applications that are in eligible status on September 21st will be distributed October 4, 2012 and in 2011 it was $1,174 per resident.  The math to arrive at the number looks like Chinese math. however an estimated 647,549 residents will receive it.  Not based on family but for everyone who reached the below requirement. 

To qualify for a 2012 Permanent Fund Dividend you must be able to answer yes to all of the following statements.
I was a resident of Alaska during all of calendar year 2011;
On the date I apply for the 2012 Permanent Fund Dividend, I have the intent to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely;
I have not claimed residency in any other state or country or obtained a benefit as a result of a claim of residency in another state or country at any time since December 31, 2010;
  • I was not:
    • Sentenced as a result of a felony conviction during 2011;
    • Incarcerated at any time during 2011 as the result of a felony conviction; or
    • Incarcerated at any time during 2011 as the result of a misdemeanor conviction in Alaska if convicted of a prior felony or two or more prior misdemeanors since January 1, 1997
  • If absent from Alaska for more than 180 days, I was absent on an allowable absence; and
  • I was physically present in Alaska for at least 72 consecutive hours at some time during 2010 or 2011.
Yes indeed October will be drunk month in Alaska.

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