Monday, September 10, 2012

The Delmar Delaware Election

Well another election is coming up in Delmar delaware.  The election will be October 1st and the people who will be running are;

Mike Houlihan has applied for his present position of Mayor and is running unopposed.  This will be Mike's third term and as good as I think he is you know I don't approve of anyone who runs for the same office they have had for more than two terms.

There are two councilman positions - Woody Payne is not running for re-election.  There are three people who are running for the two slots.  First Robert Thompson has re-filed for councilman - again he has held the office for more than two terms.  William Boylan from the Planning and Zoning Commission has file to run for council person.  Alan Littleton has also filed to run for councilman. 

At least we have an election. 

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