Friday, September 21, 2012

The Local Sussex County Election for 2012

Besides the Town election which occurs at different time from the National election we have some other people seeking public office in Sussex County.

For the Delaware Senatorial Seat in District #21; we have Robert Venables (D) from Laurel who has had the job forever, Bryant Richardson (R) Seaford running against him, and John Porter (L) from Seaford running against both of them.   - Besides the fact Venables has been in office too long and is part of the Laurel Good Old Boys network, I have no opinion on the other two.

For The Delaware Represetative in District #40 - this is one Biff Lee is giving up - you have a choice of Bejamin Lowe (D) Laurel or Timothy Dukes (R) Laurel - it doesn't matter which one you vote for - both are Laurel Good Old Boys and aren't going to do jack shit for Delmar. Might as well write your own name in on the voting machine, at least it would show you don't care for either one.

For Sussex County Clerk of the Peace - Running are John Brady (D) Lewes, Brooks Madison Witzke (R) Laurel or David Eisenhour (L) Lewes -  Seriously does anyone have any great interest in this row office elected position besides the people who are running for it?

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