Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Brief Mention Of The Tropical Storm

Well at 9:30 AM the storm is over.  It was not much of a storm, I would classify it as a Tropical Storm.  God knows what Gov. Markell would do if an actual Hurricane would come thru, I guess he would shit in his pants.  Traffic is moving with or without Markell's consent.  Interesting he said he was over all the state of Delaware yesterday while the rest of us simple shits were confined to home.  One of those "do as I say not as I do" things.  The vehicles I have seen on the road are like my vehicle;
cover in leaves and debris that was blown on them.  I have seen some siding blown off a couple of houses but generally no great damage for the hype the TV Stations have made of this storm.  It was mild.  The power went off last evening for about an hour.  There are a number of election campaign signs blown around.  When John Brady came over to visit me he had commented he was picking up his signs and storing them until after the "Hurricane" passes. 
A couple branches down but down town came out well.  Even the swing signs over the stores were not blown off
Bi-State Pharmacy is open
The Post office is closed, again, at the moment I don't know if they will open later. They moved their vehicles yesterday out of their parking lot into Short's Funeral Home Parking lot. Regardless when they do start delivering mail it will be a walk of shame as they failed in their creed of "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" of course that was said in a time when men were men and not the wimps they are today.
Town Hall put some sand bags in front of their door to keep the water out
To show how minor this storm was I have a car tent/canopy in my backyard.  These things are notorious for the slightest breeze tearing them apart and nothing happened to it during this storm. In Riding around town I notice the Halloween decoration people have put up are still in place and the flowers on tombstones are still in place - so much for this bad ass storm.  I did notice a house north of Delmar had a metal car canopy flipped upside down so some minor damage has been done and there is a lot of standing water.  The town of Delmar streets seem in good shape so a big thank you to Delmar Public Works. .  Since it is an election no doubt Markell will be passing out big bucks in aid to people in order to buy votes.


Dana said...

I am glad the storm didn't affect Delmar too badly. It is very difficult to predict the exact path of a storm. I am thankful that we have early alerts and can prepare for storms. I am also very thankful that both Irene and Sandy chose to pick one of the other mathematically possible routes for landfall and avoided direct impacts on us. I know there are many people along the paths that those storms did ultimately follow that would gladly trade places with us.

clnn3nkk said...

While I dislike all the media hype before the storm,We were fortunate to be less affected 35 miles inland. Along the peninsula's shore line and water ways it has been a different story.