Monday, October 01, 2012

A New Low For Delmar Delaware

Today in a general election for a Delmar Delaware Mayor and two Councilpeople, 40 citizens from Delmar Delaware went across the state line into Maryland and voted.  Good for those 40, shame on the several hundred who did not vote.  I understand Robert Thompson received 37 votes, William Boyan received 16 and Alan Littleton received 27 votes.  This has to be the lowest number of voters in a general election since I have been in Delmar.

In the special Joint Council meeting at 7:30 after the election Mayor Houlihan tried to put a positive spin on by saying the number of voters were an improvement over the 35 who voted in the loan approval election last week.  WTF?

In the special Joint Council meeting the Delaware side approved the $400,00 loan and will sign papers for 30 years at 6% with the bank of Delmarva.

Woody Payne and Stephanie Ring were missing from this meeting.

Next they approved the bid of Terra development for $959,990 to renovate the old town hall for a police station.  In the next following two minutes they approved an amendment to the bid, increasing it to $965,550.  Does this come as a surprise?

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Dixie said...

Just wait Howard. The Town of Delmar is notorius for taking low bid on projects and then spending more than the highest bid due to work changes that increase the cost. Chris Walter will be laughing all the way to the bank!
Just keep waiting and keep an eye on the work changes that WILL come.
I hope you continue to put it out there too so the residents/taxpayers can see how the town wastes their tax dollars!
They could have built a BRAND NEW building on the land they already had bought for this facility,rather than doing a million dollar REMODEL!
This makes me sick! How dare the Delmar taxpayers not stand up AGAINST this!