Monday, October 01, 2012

Are You Better Off?

Frank Calio's newspaper article in the Laurel Star a couple of weeks ago was a piece on "Are You Better Off Today compared to Four years ago."  Naturally he says we are better off today than four years ago.  Obviously Frank lives in a different world than I do.

One item he mentioned was not hearing news of massive layoffs; the next day the local TV stations again revisited the Vlasic pickle Plant in Millsboro and talked of the 200 people that would become unemployed starting at the end of September.  Gosh Wal-Mart is hiring seasonal part-timers - those 15 hours a week Wal-mart works part-timers should allow them to feed their families or maybe Gov. Markell will offer some out-of-the-state company his $6,000 per-job-offer-upfront-before-you- hire- anyone he gives all the other losers companies he drag into the state.  Maybe the people of Delaware will even get a treat of having our electric bill go up by him adding a another tax to it to pay these losers.
Pinnacle Foods, that owns Vlasic Pickles along with another 15 or 20 brands, say they were consolidating the Millsboro plant with it's Imlay City, Mich. Plant.  So Vlasic is returning to the area where Joe Vlasic started his glass-packed pickle business in 1942 and became a pickle baron.  Vlasic pickle was sold to Campbells in 1978 and is now owned by Pinnacle Foods.  As I recall they got tax incentives back in the 1970's to come here. 

Another item was "Families are moving into houses." implying that homes are selling again.  Look around - do you see much action on the home sales.  If anything sold in Delmar half of Delmar would rush out and put their home back on the market for sale.  Those house that are selling are bank foreclosed properties that the banks have held for four or more years that they have reduced greatly and are taking the lose on them.  I think the Federal Government is guaranteeing them they will cover the lost.

Another item; Construction is picking back up.  The concept of construction being the key element of a recovery dates back to the WPA projects in the 1930's.  Construction as a recovery stimulus is a  Ponzi scheme,  once a construction project is done, you need another construction project to keep people working.  As unemployed people rush to become construction workers now you have to find even more construction projects to keep them employed.  This is where the residing President hopes he ends his second four year term and can pass the buck to the sucker who comes into office after him.  Construction is but one leg of job creation, you need manufacturing and you need agriculture, I have never understood why our government leaders do not see this as they are selling the last two out.  I do understand the concept of government funded construction projects as it ensures votes for the residing politicians.  People will say the WPA projects worked and were successful but what save the country and Roosevelt was the upcoming World War II and the build up in Manufacturing we did to supply other countries in their war against Hitler.  You can say Hitler saved Franklin D's ass as President.

I give President Obama credit he has done some things in his four years, but simply put; He just has not done enough.

I find there are three kinds of people who screw you over and this can certainly apply to politicians.

 First are those people that flat out say they plan to screw you over.

Second are those people that say they are going to help you but then double-cross you and screw you over.
Third are those people that say they are going to help you but are so incompetent they end up screwing you and themselves over.


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