Monday, October 29, 2012

Delmar Public Health Restaurant Inspections

Looking at the Delaware Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health Restaurant Inspection reports for Delmar, Delaware in the past year here is what they gave as the results of their inspection;

Delmar Vol. Fire Co inspected 12/12/2011 no violations
Delmar Jr-Sr High School Cafeteria Inspected 4/17/2012 no violations
Delmar Pizza inspected 4/24/2012 a violation of Cooling time and temperature was found
Express Food Market insoected 8/16/2012 No violations
Food Lion inspected 3/06/2012 two violations; sewage disposal system and Poisonous and toxic material container use
Food Lion inspected 3/13/2012 no violations found
Jerry Fletcher Catering inspected 10/12/2011 no violations
Milano's Pizzeria inspected 11/02/2011 separate packaging violation
Milano's Pizzerai inspected 5/8/2012 no violations
Peking Cheer New Dragon inspected 01/24/2012 no violations
Peking Cheer New Dragon inspected 01/31/2012 no violations
Peking Cheer New Dragon inspected 04/17/2012 no violations
Sports Nut restaurant and Pub inspected 10/132/2011 2 violations; Prevention Contamination employee Hands, availability of Food Temperature measuring device
Tony Caruso Pizza and Italian Eatery inspected 11/09/2011 no violations
Tony Caruso Pizza and Italian Eatery inspected 4/24/2012 no violations
Taste of China inspected 07/10/2012 no violations
US 13 Dragway Oval II inspected 07/17/2012 no violations
US 13 Dragway Oval I inspected 07/17/2012 no violations
Wawa inspected 08/16/2012 no violations

How does someone complain about a food establishment - how and when is that complaint acted upon?

A: To file a complaint regarding a food establishment contact the Environmental Health Field Services Offices for the county where the establishment is located or Contact the Office of Food Protection.
When a complaint is received it is investigated, on a prioritized basis, as soon as possible. Complaints are investigated by field staff by visiting the establishment. As with all inspections, management should correct any violations found during the investigation.

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