Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Delmarva Power Tree Limb Cutting in Delmar

Asplundh came thru yesterday and cut tree branches around the electric wires, maybe before the storm would have been better, or maybe Delmarva Power is  trying to cover up the fact those branches haven't been cut in a while.
anyway for some reason they tossed the cut branches on the ground
Today the Town of Delmar Public Works came thru and picked them up.  So why did the town have to pick up the branches.  When Asplundh does this outside of town they are the ones who remove the branches. 

From Delmarva Power FAQ on tree cutting

Q | Will you clean up and remove the debris?
A | When pruning is done as part of our scheduled tree maintenance program, debris will be removed. We will not remove debris from storm-damaged trees.
But the trees were not storm damaged!!!!

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