Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do What Is Right

George Washington after being elected President only served two terms, stepped down and did not run again.  He set a two term tradition which was held until 1940 when Franklin Roosevelt attempted to be king by running for a third term and a fourth term.  God removed him from office.  It is a shame God does not remove a number of State congressmen, governors and minor state elected officials in the same way.  After World War II congress, in their odd view point of the world, established a two term limit for the President but not for themselves by passing the 22nd amendment.

One of the questions I asked the two people running for District 40 Representative was if they intended to only run for the office twice then step down - naturally the answer was a round-about no.

I am a firm believer in the Citizen/politician.  The person that serves his area by holding one or two terms then let someone else do their part.  As I have said before; Waay back when I was in school and they would have Career day I never saw anyone show up and say "I Am a Career politician" and I think you all should consider it as a vocation.  But yet you keep electing them back into office ensuring they become career politicians.

What is amazing is that the public has a low opinion of Congress, at least according to polls and Howard, but each election you return the same people back to office.  I will ignore the President at this moment as I insist this mess the United States is in is due to the actions of the congress. 

In Delaware this is so true, the only way we got rid of Biden was due to the Peter principle commonly phrased as, "politicians tend to rise to their level of incompetence" and there he is Vice President - a heart beat away from being President.  Believe it or not but I pray for President Obama to stay in good health and live until he is not reelected.

Remember for politicians to do what is right, first citizens must do what is right - don't reelect them!

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