Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Maryland Question 7

Big money is at work trying to convince Marylanders to vote yes for Question 7 this year.   Question 7 says voters will determine if the state should add a sixth casino (to be located in Prince George’s County), allow table games like poker at all sites and increase the permitted number of slot machines in Maryland from 15,000 to 16,500. If voters in Prince George’s County reject the measure, the additional casino would not be built, but the other two parts of the law would go forward.

The TV ads are saying more jobs and more money for schools if question 7 passes.  Wow! who can fight that, I think Maryland should legalize Prostitution also, since most of their elected officials are whores.  

“As I have said before, Question 7 is not about gaming and casinos in Prince George’s County. It is about creating jobs and revenue for the State of Maryland,” said Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. “Failure to pass Question 7 would mean that we would be saying no to new revenue sources that will protect our investments in critical areas like public education. And failure to pass Question 7 would mean that we would be saying no to increased economic development and jobs.
Having lived in Maryland when the state lottery was voted on in 1972, the big advertising push for it was the money would go to the schools - today 40 years later the State of Maryland spends Lottery money on every whim they want to spend it on and they still dangle the school scheme out in front of voters so they can have more gaming.  I can assure you people if Question 7 is passed in ten years time once again Maryland will have no idea where the promised school money is going.

See what Delegate John Cluster 8th Legislative District Baltimore County has to say

Interesting, I put "Vote No Question 7" in to the google search engine and the first hit that popped up was "Vote For Question 7" a site that gives the positive on voting yes for Question 7; shows how well Google works anymore with their sponsored (paid) links.

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