Monday, October 29, 2012

Not Much Is Happening

A light wind from the West and some light rain and that is about the main effect of Hurricane Sandy in Delmar at 10 AM.

The wimp of a Governor we have has panicked once again and put Delaware under lock down.  He just doesn't think anyone has any common sense, certainly he doesn't have any. 

The taxpayer supported people have the day off and are planning to take off the rest of the week.  The non taxpayer supported people went to work or are sitting home figuring out how they are going to adjust their budgets for a day or two of lost pay.

My wife who works at Sam's Club is at work but called and said they were going to close shortly.  She had commented about the amount of bottled water and generators they were selling the past couple of days, however with Sam's Club and Walmart liberal return policy she said about a third of the generators will be returned Thursday.  The same when Super Bowl is running they "sell" a number of big screen TV's that are returned after the game is over.   Pepboys has a sign up saying all generators sales are final so I guess this practice must be rampant.

So today is a good day for looking at Wedding websites where the bride and groom post their wedding announcements and photos of themselves, great amusement looking at them, about 10% are gay couples who think they are getting married.

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