Monday, October 08, 2012

The Clerk Of the Peace - Sussex County Delaware Race

In just a few short weeks we will be voting again.  One of those elected position in the Nov 6th general election is the office of Clerk of the Peace for Sussex County.  The Clerk of the Peace is one of a number of elected positions referred to in Delaware as a row office, it along with the Sheriff, Recorder of Deeds, and the Register of Wills are offices that provide services such as issuing marriage licenses recording legal papers and performing court related duties.  Each row office is managed by an elected official.  The current Clerk of the Peace is George Parish.  He is retiring.  He has made his position clear that he feels marriage is between a man and a woman (Good for Him) but in Sussex county with the large number of gays, LGBTs, etc that is an unpopular position. 

Those that are running for this office are;

John Brady, a  Democrat (at least this year), and by far over-qualified for this position.  At least I think he is running I have seen no campaign signs stuck in the roadside for him in the Delmar area.  He does live in Lewes so maybe he does not know Delmar exists.

His website (which is by far the best of the three but he has run for office before so maybe he keeps a permanent website and just changes the position he is currently running for and his party affiliation)  says;
John F. Brady, is a Delaware politician and attorney who ran for State Insurance Commissioner in the 2008 election cycle. Brady grew up in Wilmington and attended Salesianum School. He went on to the University of Delaware, and graduated from the University of Richmond for undergraduate and then to Widener Law School. He is admitted to the Bar in Delaware and New Jersey and serves as the town Prosecutor in Dewey Beach, Delaware.
Brady Served as a Deputy Attorney General for the state of Delaware, as a legislative attorney, taught courses at Widener Law, held offices in County Government, practiced privately as an attorney and volunteered for charitable causes. Brady gave some of those things up in the summer of 2008 to run for statewide office. Brady opened an office in Lewes, Delaware, where he still practices law. Brady was elected Sussex County Recorder of Deed. In 2011 when he left office as Recorder of Deeds, Brady was appointed by Governor Jack Markell to serve on the Delaware State Board of Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning for a three year term as a public member. Brady frequently appears on WGMD-FM, Rehoboth Beach, a local talk station, as an on-air attorney fielding law questions from callers, as well as on WGMD's Friday evening sports show with hosts Bill Colley and Bill Baker. He has a state-wide reputation for solid, in-depth expertise in Delaware law, as well as a passion for professional sports. In March of 2012, John filed for the office of Sussex County Clerk of The Peace in the November, 2012 General Election.

Brooks Madison Witzke, a Republican who is 22 years old, lives in Laurel so I assume he is part of or wants to be part of the "Laurel Good Old Boys" (LGOB - not to be confused with LGBT or GLBT)  network.  His background is listed as;
Education:Successfully completed two years of Criminal Justice school at the Delaware Techinal and Community College.Brooks has also attended training classes pertaining to the field of public safety.
Work Experience:Worked formerly as a law enforcement officer; specifically has an animal cruelty officer. Now currently works has a public safety officer in Dover, De.

David Eisenhour, a Libertarian candidate, 38 years old and lives in Lewes.  Libertarians candidates are know for screwing up their campaigns one way or another.  Usually just lack experience for the job, but Clerk of the Peace seems to be a position that is not based on experience - just marry two people ( at least currently in Delaware they still have to be two humans - who know what the future will hold - Gov. Markell is always open to suggestions) So David's background is;
Education:Graduate Cape Henlopen High School, Self taught all aspects of my career.
Work Experience:Store Manager of Retail Store (4 Years), Network / IT Administrator (8 Years), CADD Earthwork Model Building (4 Years), Contract Administration (7 Years).
Community Involvement:Chairman Sussex County Libertarian Party, * As I have 5 Children most of my community involvement circulated around them and as such will not going to be mentioned.

Now he has a  and a

I thought for once a Libertarian had his act togather but no David has decided to also run for Delaware Insurance Commissioner - another person who can't make up their mind as to what they want in life.

I will give him points for the cutest campaign sign of the candidates with his "I Do" slogan.

So there you have it; one over-qualified person, one under-qualified person and one person who doesn't know what he wants to be in life - good luck voting this year people. 


delete said...

Brady is by far the most qualified, articulate, and educated candidate. One has to wonder why a 22 year can't hold down a job or hasn't earned a degree yet. It should be common sense that an individual in public office should have a college degree from a four year institution at the very least. Reference signs, most of Witzke's look like they were made by a kindergarten class. Come on....let's use our common sense here!

Vance Phillips said...

I kinda ike the signs

David Eisenhour said...

Thanks for the kind words. I think you will find that my most recent press release answers the question you had about my intentions. I also wholly disagree with you about John’s site being better than mine. I have recently updated it and would encourage you to check it out. – Thanks David