Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Delmar Holiday Inn Express

I recently was looking at reviews on Trip for the Delmar Holiday Inn Express.  Now usually on these review sites most people who write on them are writing negative reviews, it has too be an exceptional stay to write a positive review.  The Holiday Inn Express is no exception it has a few positive reviews and a few more negative reviews.  I assume the place is okay as my neighbor spent about three months there when she had the fire at her house and she could have gone to any motel besides the Holiday Inn.  The most damaging negative aspect of her stay she said was one night people came thru and broke into the vending machines for the money in them, otherwise she seemed positive on the place. 

The reviews are at;

The purpose of the post however is not about the reviews but that Anne Webster, the Manager at Holiday Inn Express responded to all of them.  Other motels I have looked at reviews of, do not have a response from the Motel.  So it sounds like Anne Webster is on top of her job and recognises the importance of these internet reviews.

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