Friday, October 12, 2012

The District 40 State House Representative Race

As we in District 40 know Biff Lee, after 22 years, has decided not to run for the position of Representative this year.  He has thrown his support behind Tim Dukes, a Republican.  Ben Lowe is running as the Democrat choice having beat out Ray Adkins in a primary.

Now I have spoken to both candidates to try and make an informed decision as to which one I will vote for.  Neither represents all my ideals but as you get older you settle for less.  In the past I have posted a question and answer with each candidate so people in Delmar could get an ideal who they would like to vote for.  However after the last Delmar election in which only forty people voted it would be a waste of my time to do anything like that as Delmar people just have a strong apathy about who governs their lives.   Let me say I currently lean toward Ben Lowe to vote for with some strong reservations.  I still consider both candidates to be LGOB (Laurel Good Old Boys) altho neither lives in the Town of Laurel but do have Laurel Mailing addresses.       

They both have fairly opposing campaign strategies.  Tim Duke is very open, has a website, answers his email, answers questions from the newspapers, is a public figure and sits on a number of boards, he has a well known group of people on his campaign team, and seems to use technology much more than Ben Lowe.  However for a district that is mostly country, at times the technology makes him too polished looking and you have the idea he is already a professional politician.

Ben Lowe seems to refuse to answer any surveys from the newspapers, only has a facebook page which doesn't offer much position statements, but he does answer his phone calls and will talk to you and answer your questions. 

What this means to me is there is a black and white trail as to the stand Tim Duke plans to take if elected.  If he is elected you have something to throw back in his face if he doesn't stick with his published plan.  Ben Lowe has very little in black and white and other than my phone conversation which he could easily say in the future that I misunderstood him it would be hard to tell him if he is elected and follows a different course of action that he lied.  Ben Lowes approach must work for him however as he beat Ray Adkins in the Democrat Primary. 

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