Monday, October 08, 2012

The October 2012 Police Commission Meeting

I attended a very short Delmar Police Commission tonight.  As you know most of the "real" business is handled in executive session out of the prying eyes of the "public" - actually I was the only one in the public tonight so the Delmar apathy continues.   I was pleased to see Commissioner Mike Grubb has been appointed to the Police commission for a two year term.  As you know the Commission is made up of the two Mayors and a third Delaware Councilperson  or Maryland Commissioner.  Every two years that third person swaps out with a Maryland or Delaware Councilperson. 

Like I said there was not much talked about tonight - the Police apparently have got bokoo money from a drug seizure that they will have to share with some other agencies. 

Chestnut Manor (800 Chestnut Street, Maryland side of town of course) has had problems and the Police are working with them to correct those problems.  Mayor Anderton continued to try to turn Delmar into a police state by suggesting cameras be installed in that area to monitor activity.

I asked about the property next to town hall that at the last police commission meeting the police were going to look at confiscating the property if the drug activity didn't cease.  Much like the LeCates Building the only thing that happened was a letter was sent out and the tenant moved. 

Delmarva Counseling Center, 28 East State Street, Delmar, MD, 21875 a drug treatment center is looking at opening an office on Bi-State Blvd in Delmar, Delaware.   I inquired if there had been any negative aspects of their operation (arrests violent etc) and police Chief Saylor said there had not been any.

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