Saturday, October 20, 2012

We Number 10!! Yea !! Go Delaware!!!

The Beer Institute,  in their 2011 annual consumption report rated Delaware as number 10 in the nation on a per capita of beer consumption.  The average Delawarean drank 34.3 gallons of beer in 2011. 

10. Delaware
Per capita consumption: 34.3 gallons
Total consumption: 22,592,366 gallons (7th lowest)
Pct. change in consumption '03-'11: -2.3% (8th highest)
Pct. binge drinkers: 20.3% (12th highest
Population density: 465.5/sq. mile (6th highest)

While most of the states that consume a great deal of alcohol are large and sparsely populated, Delaware is the second-smallest state by area, and one of the most densely populated in the country. As of 2003, the state legalized the sale of beer on Sunday. While beer consumption declined 7.5% nationwide between 2003 and 2011, it fell by just 2.3% in Delaware. Delaware is among the top 15 in the country both for heavy drinking and binge drinking. The state also has no sales tax, and an excise tax on alcohol of just $0.16 per gallon.
Interestingly Delaware in 2003 drank 35.1 gallons but was only ranked Number 16.  In 2008, an election year, Delaware drank 36.0 gallons but was still only number 15 in the nation.  Yes, Delaware political candidates have been known to buy you a beer in order to get that vote or maybe  after Markell and Obama was elected we just drank more.
Number 1 in the nation was New Hampshire

1.New Hampshire
Per capita consumption: 43.0 gallons
Total consumption: 41,994,894 gallons (13th lowest)
Pct. change in consumption '03-'11: -1.8% (6th highest)
Pct. binge drinkers: 18.7% (21st highest)
Population density: 147.2/sq. mile (21st highest)

While beer consumption in New Hampshire fell 1.8% between 2003 and 2011, it declined 7.5% nationally. Nearly 66% of people had a drink in the past 30 days through 2011, second only to Wisconsin. Although the state has the highest per-capita consumption, only 18.7% of the population are considered binge drinkers, just slightly over the 18.3% national rate. New Hampshire has a tax of 30 cents per gallon of beer. In neighboring Vermont, it runs as high as 55 cents a gallon if alcohol content is more than 6%. Jones believes that New Hampshire has the highest beer consumption partly because Vermont and Massachusetts residents come there to purchase alcohol.

Maryland  was way down at number 47 with only 23.3 gallons per person.  With their higher tax no doubt they were driving to Delaware to get their beer skewing the statistics.  But since the Raven Cheerleaders are in the top ten we will include them.
We're Number 10 hey hey
under the sun hey hey 

as for you Maryland
you're number 47

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