Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day In Delmar - 2012

Today is Election Day.  Without a doubt this is the worst selection of candidates running for office that I have seen in my 50 years of voting.  Very depressing.
I didn't even go to see the Delmar Delaware Mayor and Councilmen sworn in last night.  Let's face it you have a Mayor who was unopposed, a councilmen that got 37 votes and another that got 27 votes.  In no way do they represent the Delmar Delaware population.
It doesn't help me either to know that the state wide elected offices in Delaware will be determined by the way New Castle County votes.   So the only influence your vote will have is who will be the State Senator from District 21 and who will be the Representative from District 40 and maybe who will be Clerk of Peace.    Well come tomorrow it makes very little difference as it will be over with, but I am amazed at the campaign Tim Duke has run.  His supports are out today at the two voting places in Delmar, lots of campaign signs, good website, etc . 

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that\'s Elbert said...

Howard, I worked at the polling place at the fire co in Delmar this year. Didn't know where you vote, but hoped it was there so I'd get to see you.