Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stealing In 1909 versus Today

The above article concerning Paul Hitch and Herman Wells is from the Courier a Salisbury Maryland Paper April 24th 1909 edition.   What strikes you is that in 1909 they took stealing seriously as opposed to today's view of it.  In 1909 these two 17 year olds were going to an institution for stealing 7 dozen eggs, a pair of shoes, 2 shirts and a bed blanket.  Today something like this would never make the news, the police would not do anything other than take your report of stolen items, and even if it did go to court nothing would happen to the thieves.  Odds are some bleeding heart would race in and say the two were misunderstood and they would be given cell phones, food stamps and a government paid for apartment, from which they would sell drugs out of.   Of note Deputy Sheriff Waller was from Delmar.

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