Saturday, December 22, 2012

The End Of The World Plus One

Well here we are sitting back all smug thinking the Mayan were wrong and the world didn't come to an end.  In the past week as I have stood in lines, Christmas shopping and buying Chinese made goods I must confess the End Of the World didn't seem like such a bad alternative.   Anyway we seem to have dodged another bullet and speaking of bullets in wake of Newtown it seems like our law makers are on the bandwagon again to do away with weapons etc, pass more laws etc.  Since we have a law about killing people I would think that would pretty much handle the situation but they seem to think laws will stop people intent on doing something, obviously they are wrong.

I feel sorry for the residents of Newtown, first the loss of their children and now every do-good organization around, plus tourist and thrill seekers and the news media are driving around town trying to use it as a platform for their own agendas.  Even Dr Oz made a trip there - God knows why.

Doomsday scares have been going on for thousands of years.  Sometime it is a comet,remember Hale-Bopp in which 39 members of the group called Heavens Gate committed suicide, other times it is a charismatic leader creating the stir.  One leader is Harold Camping, a radio preacher, who has been predicting Judgement day once in 1994, again in 2011, he is still waiting. 

The classic doomsday scare was when Halley's comet passed by the earth in 1910.  Astronomer said the earth would pass thru the tail of the comet which created a panic as people related comets tails to human anatomy and became afraid the tail would have poisonous gas in it and kill everyone.  Delmarva did not escape this Halley's comet furor as you can see from the May 28 1910 edition of the Courier, Salisbury, MD


Aroused to a state of furor because of the belief that Halley's comet would destroy the world, the members of the Holiness sect, at Blades. near Seaford, Delaware, created such a tumult Tuesday night that the religious fanatics were chased out of town by the peaceful inhabitants.  Clubs, bricks, good and bad eggs, decayed fruits and vegetables and many other articles too numerous to mention were used to rid the quiet village of the strenuous worshippers.  The leaders of the sect have been conducting meetings nightly since the comet has been talked of so much.  they implored the people to discontinue all worldly pursuits and make ready for the coming of the end of the world.  The excitement reached it height Tuesday evening when it is alleged that one of the members, yelling, like one being murdered, grabbed a chair in the house of worship and crying. "the devil is coming in the door." rushed to the exit.  This caused an uproar, which resulted in a crowd of people running them from town.

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