Saturday, December 08, 2012

Trying For A Share Of The Christmas Dollar

Over in Annapolis the Annapolis Business Association is irate over the City of Annapolis letting the  
Non-Profit "Stepping Out For Breast cancer" sell crafts in a building the city owns.  The Nonprofit has in the past sold crafts but the building they used in previous years was not available this year.  The town allowed them to use a building free of charge.  The ABA  is saying;

"The whole intent of Midnight Madness is to fill the stores of our merchants," ABA President Sean O'Neill said. "By doing this, the city has completely missed the mission of Midnight Madness."

"It’s not a cheap event to pull of," he said. "We've spent thousands of dollars in advertising, and they are just riding our coattails on the sly. The dysfunction in City Hall, this is the epitome of it."

I can certainly see the ABA viewpoint.  If they spent money to get customers to their store than the city allow another competitor in who did not spend anything in advertising but wants a piece of the pie.   Because the city is not leasing the building to the Non-profit they didn't have to vote on it at the council meeting so it was an under the table affair.  Annapolis Chatter has a little to say about it

Annapolis businesses are a very tight group and they are always fighting someone who tries to open a business in the downtown section.  Currently Chipotle is trying to open a location in Annapolis and is being fought by Moe's.  Annapolis has a fast food ordinance that says fast food "restaurants" can't come into town and part of the definition is for the restaurant to use reusable silverware and generate no more than 10 percent in profits from takeout sales.  I consider Chipotle a fast food place, but anyway the Annapolis Council will address it in January.  For a little more on the subject follow the below link.

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