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The Last Will and Testament of Charles Taylor Senior - 6 January 1824

I Charles Taylor (Senr) of Accomack County do in the name of God appoint this my last will and Testament.

Item I give to my son Charles Taylor the West End of my Island at a pasture on the north side running across to a bar post supposing South East and to continue across my Marsh.

Item I give to my son John Taylor the North East end of my Land that I bought of Thomas Wessells at Spencer Lewis's Line Oak across my land to a partree making Strate lines down to the Creak, and also I give him 1 Yoke of oxen he has in possession and also One cow that he3 has in possession, also I give him nine head of Sheep he has in possession, and I give him one horse for which he has to pay thirty dollars to three of my children, namely Samuel Taylor, and Gilly Taylor, comfort Taylor Equally between them

Item I give my son James Taylor 1/2 of my Land I bought of Joseph Rigs for time to [-----] [-----] after it is laid off & one Bull yearling

Item I give to my son William Taylor the East End of my Island joining to my son Charles Taylor and two thirds of a yoke of oxen not broke

Item I give to my son Bagwell Taylor one half of my land I Bought of Joseph Rigs and one Bull yearling.

Item I give to my Son Samuel Taylor the south West end of my Land I bought of Thomas Wessells except one Acre of it which I Lend to my son and Law Dennis Thorne and Daughter Polly Thorne there life time it being the place the now Live on but at their death it is to go to my son Samuel Taylor.

Item I leave my Son Charles Taylor to pay to my son Gillet Taylor twenty dollars.

Item I leave my son John Taylor to pay to my son Gillet Taylor twenty dollars.

Item I leave my son William Taylor to pay to my son Gillet Taylor twenty dollars

Item I Leave my son James Taylor to pay to my son Gillet Taylor ten dollars.

Item I leave my son Bagwell Taylor to pay to my son Gillet Taylor ten Dollars the above money is to be paid when Gillet Taylor arrives at the age of twenty one clere of interest, If James Taylor died before he is twenty one years old Gillet Taylor takes his Land. William or Bagwell Taylor or Samuel Taylor dies before they arrive at the age of twenty one there Lands goes to Gillet Taylor.

Item I give my daughter Peggy Ewell one spinning wheel that she has in her possession

Item I leave my Thornton Mare to my children namely James, William, Bagwell, Samuel Comfort.

Item I give my Young mare to my son Gillet Taylor.

Item I give my daughter Nancy Taylor, One Blue chest and one white chest, also one spinning wheel and one blue & White counterpin tow bed quilts. -

Item I give my Kilman Canoe, sain and rope to my Son James, William, Bagwell, Samuel except one fourth of the Sain and rope that I give John also One Gun to my to my son John. -

Item I give one Gun to my Son James Taylor.-

Item I give my waine to my sons manely, James, William, Bagwell, Samuel, Gilly.-

Item I give all my Corn fodder, pork, Beans and pease, cotton & flax, six hogs and potatoe seed to my children that now lives with me for their use.

Item I give my daughter Comfort one cow first choice.

Item I give all my property that I have not before give away to be equally divided between my girl children Namely Peggy Ewell, Betsy Middelton, Tabitah Bundick, Rebecca Taylor, Polly Thorns, Patsey Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Comfort Taylor.

Item and Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend John Parks (Jr) my executor of this my last will and Testament in the year of one thousand Eight hundred and twenty nine January the Sixth.
Charles Taylor

Acknowledged in presence of Arthur F. Wessels
Jacob Mattews
Meriah White

At a Court held for Accomack County on the 30th day of March 1829, This last will and Testament of Charles Taylor Senr decd was proved by the Oaths of Arthur F. Wessels, Jacob Matthews, and Maria White Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of John Parkes Junr the Executor therein named taking oath and giving bond according to law in the penalty of $5000 with Thorowgood Taylor and Nathaniel Topping securities thereto certificate s granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form
Thos R. Joynes Clk


_____. Accomack County Virginia Wills &c 1828-1846, p. 32-34.

“Dear Me – A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self” by Joseph Galliano - a review

I have finished reading “Dear Me – A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self” by Joseph Galliano. A small book of about 125 pages put out by Atria Books – 2011. Something to knock out in an evening. Dear Me is a really interesting and simple concept. If you could write a letter to your 16 year-old self now, what would you say? Joseph Galliano asked a ton of celebrities to do just that, and got replies from 75 of them so he was able to produce this book as a result. The book has facsimiles of letters and notes written, a lot are handwritten, by 75 “celebrities”. Most of the celebrities referred to I have never heard of. I guess you can say Joseph Galliano technically edited the book, but didn’t write it. Interestingly there was no Joseph Galliano letter to his 16 year old self. He has an added catch of saying a dollar of the purchase price will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. J. K. Rowling did the foreword and a letter in the book. The letters vary in length from Steve Vai (10 time Grammy nominee and three-time Grammy winner, I have never heard of him)– To young Steve, You’re doing just fine From Old Steve. To 4 pages from Jodi Picoult (author – Never heard of her). The letters offer advice, give warnings and share words of comfort, humor and love. Some, who are a success today, you have to feel sorry for their life at 16. Overall I am glad I got the book from the Delmar Library instead of buying it as frankly it was not that interesting. On the other hand as short as it is it doesn't take to much out of your life. But the concept of the book -what would you tell your 16 year old self - is quite interesting. Mine of course would include such nuggets as buy gold and Berkshire Hathaway Inc stock.

So if you wrote to your 16 year old self it brings up an interesting discussion of;

First the violation of Starfleet General Order 1: "No starship may interfere with the normal development of any alien life or society."

and second Edward Lorenz's chaos theory of the butterfly effect where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.

In others words would your life still turn out to be a success if you had read a letter from the future from your future-self.

I have often heard people say if I did this or that at an earlier time in my life I would be really successful. Since none of us can predict the future or have much control over it the odds of more success by taking a different bend in the road may not turn out that way, if anything unforeseen life forces may act on you.

A friend of mine has mentioned to me if when he was in the army he wish he had went ahead and took up their offer to go to Officer's school. He felt that would have made his life more successful. I told him it may not have, instead imagine the scenario of instead of spending his army term in Germany as a non-commissioned officer, by becoming an officer he may well have been sent to Vietnam and died or became mangled there.

Simply put you just have to play the Hand You’re Dealt.

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The Last Will and Testament of Matthias Phillips - 5 January 1771

In the Name of God Amen the 5th day of Jany one thousand Seven Hundred & Seventy one I Matthias Phillips of Accomack County & Colony of Virginia being very Sick in body but of perfect mind & memory &c & further Settling my temporal Estate Which God hath been pleased to bestow upon me I do Order give & dispose of in manner & following that is to Say First I will & Desire all the Debts that I owe in Virginia Currency to be truly paid within convenient time by my Executors after my Decease

Item I give & Bequeath unto my Loving Wife Rachel Phillips after my Death the Whole of my Estate to be her own Property & disposal Lastly I Leave my Loving wife my Whole & Sole Extor of this my Last Will & Testament Revoking other wills made by me heretofore in Witness Whereof I have Set my hand to the Above & within this 5th Day of January 1771 --- and I Desire that my Estate Should not be Appraised
Matthias Phillips

Jacob Rogers
David Joans
John Spiers

At a Court held for Accomack County the 24th of Feby 1778 This Will was proved by the Oath of John Spiers witness thereto & Admitted to Record & on the Motion of William Parramore taking Oath & Giving George Corbin for his Security who entered into & Acknowledged a bond for theat Purpose Certificate is Granted him for Obtaining letters of Admon with the Will Annexed the Extrix therein Mentioned lately decd.
Littleton Savage ClC


_____. Accomack County VA Chancery Causes, 1727-1805. Petition of Sampson - (Alias George). Local Government Records Collection, Northampton County Records. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. Accessed 8 December 2011.

English Leather After Shave and Cologne

I recently was up to Rose's in Seaford Delaware where I bought a package with three bottles of English Leather After Shave and Cologne, very cheap. On looking over the box I see it is now packaged in China but with fragrance oils from the USA. It is a come down from the 1960's when I first started using this product. I have always used English Leather since I first purchased it. It is not an overpowering perfume. One of the unique things about English Leather, and always has been is the wooden top on the bottle. Strangely the wooden bottle top was sometimed used as a gear shift knob in the 1960's when manual shifts were still around. The cheap Chinese version retains this, but the bottle is an untrademarked bottle.

English Leather was first introduced in 1949 by the MEM Company. The MEM company was a toiletries and cosmetics company founded in 1883 in Vienna, Austria. MEM moved to the US in the late forties and became known for fragrances such as English Leather and Timberline. English Leather was developed due to the fondest the public had developed over the years, after the WWII, for pilots' leather jacket which was one of the most romantic and desired things. Leather scents were also very much in, and one of them was the intensive and very masculine English Leather. But all good things come to an end and as mass marketing took over the MEM Company (and English Leather) was acquired in 1996, by Renaissance Cosmetics, Inc., and its wholly-owned subsidiary Dana Perfume Corporation.

Now Dana Perfume also had a good history. Dana is a perfume brand originally founded in Spain, in 1932. Dana's main perfume was Tabu. The fragrance is now a classic and has been a perennial best-seller. It is still in production today. The company relocated to the United States in 1940, when Europe was occupied by Germany. Dana launched a number of notable classic fragrances and acquired some such as Canoe and English Leather and women's scent Ambush. Dana fragrances were re-tooled over time from prestige fragrances to mass market products.

However Dana was purchased by Renaissance Cosmetics in 1994, but the company's bankruptcy in 1999 led to the acquisition by New Dana Perfumes, who later changed their name to Dana Classics. Dana Classics Fragrances (which is owned by Patriarch Partners LLC) today produces English Leather. I think with each change in ownership the formula was re- formulated to be made with cheaper ingredients.

The Mem version of English Leather (must be at least 16 years old by now) can still be found on EBay and other places like that. The Chinese made stuff is about $3 to $5 a bottle and the MEM stuff goes for $30 to $50 a bottle.

So since everything else is made in China why should I worry about Chinese Made English Leather. After all my wife has some china that's made in England, so it all evens out. Well it is just one more sign of cheaper goods and less of a standard and companies that trade on established names.

Joan Of Arc

St. Joan of Arc with St. Michael the Archangel

As I have written before, Joan of Arc was born today in 1412 (This is the 600 year anniversary of her death). She had a short life being burnt to death at age 19 (Lets hear it for the Catholic Church) but she did lead an Army at age 17. A previous writeup was posted here It is an amazing story of a girl who, according to her family and friends, knew little more than spinning and watching over her father’s flocks, but when you hear the voices inside your head and actually follow their instructions you can achieve a great deal.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy today made a pilgrimage to Joan of Arc's birthplace in eastern France for the 600th anniversary of her birth and delivered a lofty speech that he hopes will improve his image in many French minds (Joan of Arc seems to have always been used by French Leaders). Pope Benedict XVI last year hailed her as a model for public officials (Burn her and use her).

In grandiloquent praise, Sarkozy depicted Joan not just as a defender of France, but as an international ideal of the fight for freedom and a purveyor of women's rights — centuries before the feminist movement.

"The place of Joan of Arc was not in gilded legend, but in the history of France ... Joan is the incarnation of the most beautiful French virtues," said Sarkozy.

Quotes from the official transcript of the trial.

Q - Do you know if you are in the grace of God?

A - If I am not, may God place me there; if I am, may God so keep me. I should be the saddest of all the world if I knew that I were not in the grace of God. But if I were in a state of sin, do you think the Voice would come to me? If would that everyone could hear the Voice as I hear it. I think I was about thirteen when it came to me for the first time.

Down In The Trenches

The 8 inch sewer line that is being replaced on First street and Delaware Avenue. This project should continue on into Spring or summer.

Extreme Couponing At The Laurel Library

January 17th

Lost Dog

Help Find Tug - signs were posted around the railroad track on the Maryland side of town

The Delmar Police Department Flag

It is about time they retire it and find the money in the budget for a new one.

Ed Ferro has another Birthday

Happy Birthday Ed!!!

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William E. Hastings - 1930

From The Laurel State Register - January 17, 1930


The very sudden death of William E. Hastings, aged 36 years, took place early last Thursday morning at the home of his brother, Elmer, near Laurel where he had been making his home for a number of years. He had been in apparent good health the day before his death but he was taken with an attack of acute indigestion during Wednesday night and died about four o'clock Thursday morning.

He was very well known in both Laurel and Delmar where he had been engaged for a number of years as an automobile salesman. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Grant Cordrey and Mrs. Joseph Phillips, and three brothers, Charles A. Hastings of Laurel, Elmer D. Hastings and G. Ray Hastings, both of near Laurel.

The funeral was held from the home of his brother, Elmer, on Saturday afternoon and the burial took place in Odd Fellows Cemetery, this town.

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Delaware Rejects Secession

From This Day in History -

On this day (Jan 3rd) in 1861, just two weeks after South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union, the state of Delaware rejects a similar proposal.

There had been little doubt that Delaware would remain with the North. Delaware was technically a slave state, but the institution was not widespread by 1861. There were some 20,000 blacks living in the state, but only about 1,800 of them were slaves. Most of the slaves were concentrated in Sussex, the southernmost of the state's three counties.

After South Carolina ratified the ordinance of secession on December 20, 1860, other states considered similar proposals. Although there were some Southern sympathizers, Delaware had a Unionist governor and the legislature was dominated by Unionists. On January 3, the legislature voted overwhelmingly to remain with the United States. For the Union, Delaware's decision was only a temporary respite from the parade of seceding states. Over the next several weeks, six states joined South Carolina in seceding; four more left after the South captured South Carolina's Fort Sumter in April 1861.

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Sis's Tavern Makes The News

I saw in the Daily Times this morning that the old Sis's Tavern is in the news. The building has deteriorated even more than when I wrote about back in 2009 and Worcester County wants the property cleaned up. The owners Michael and Linda Ward are scheduled to appear at a nuisance abatement hearing on January 3rd.

The Lost Symbol - reviewed

I finished reading “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown yesterday. It was published by Anchor Books in 2009. “The Lost Symbol” is the third book in the Robert Langdon, symbologist, series. The first two are “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”. This book continues the saga of Langdon, with murder, mystery, misconceptions, and the race to save the world from an unknown fate. It includes ancient languages, history, religion with particular focus on the founding fathers and Masonry.

Dan Brown’s books seem to follow a formula. The story moves at neck breaking speed, Robert Langston will continue his inability to turn off "professor mode" and drown everyone around him in random trivia/facts; A female sidekick will be present who does some scientific/global prolific work; There will be an antagonist who does strange things to his body and threatens the world; a collection of secret societies, symbols, codes, various Latin phrases, and artifacts; an amazing cell phone service provider that allows cell phone service from deep underground, or anywhere Robert Langston is; Robert Langston will be on the run from some organization(s); and none of these groups including Robert Langston will have any care about money as they have an unlimited number of private jets and chaffered vehicles. Well those are the reason you read his books.

The story line for “The Lost Symbol” is;
Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned unexpectedly to deliver an evening lecture in the U.S. Capitol Building. Within minutes of his arrival, however, the night takes a bizarre turn. A disturbing object--artfully encoded with five symbols--is discovered in the Capitol Building. Langdon recognizes the object as an ancient invitation... one meant to usher its recipient into a long-lost world of esoteric wisdom.

When Langdon's beloved mentor, Peter Solomon--a prominent Mason and philanthropist--is brutally kidnapped, Langdon realizes his only hope of saving Peter is to accept this mystical invitation and follow wherever it leads him. Langdon is instantly plunged into a clandestine world of Masonic secrets, hidden history, and never-before-seen locations--all of which seem to be dragging him toward a single, inconceivable truth.

Since I have never been to Paris or the Vatican I found this book more interesting than the previous two as it is set in Washington DC, a place even I have been too. I always like history trivia and this book has more than you would want. Once you are finished with this book you will want to use it as a guidebook for the next time you visit DC.

My paperback was 639 pages long consisting of short chapters (133 of them plus prologue and epilogue) so it is very readable as you can read a chapter or two during those many TV commercials or while taking a coffee break. The story line for the entire 639 pages only cover about ten hours of Robert Langston’s life. Because it moves at neck breaking speed the book was a page turner and I will admit Dan Brown is a story teller, and it was hard to put down. I was really into it until about page 546 where it goes to hell. It is at this point you realize the CIA is involved for no real reason but to protect the image of high ranking officials. As the book progresses on from this point it become even more unreal with the antagonist, Mal'akh ("angel" in Hebrew), a muscled, full body tattooed eunuch who wears makeup with a blonde wig that has a video camera hidden in it and fools everyone with his appearance, including his father. By the time you arrive to the last 50 pages you really don’t care how the story ends. But as is usual in a Dan Brown’s novel the world is saved from the bad guys - for the time being - and a hidden secret that the masses can not comprehend remains with an elite group of people who control the world. The main good guy characters live and as usual, in Dan Brown’s view, only a few non-essential, blue collar types (police, janitors, etc) are killed off. Dan Brown is a snob who writes for snobs.

My final comment, in spite of the last hundred or so pages, if you are a Dan Brown fan you will be drawn into to this book like a moth to a flame. It is not good but as I said previously you will keep the book for your next visit to DC just to look up some of the buildings and places mentioned, plus you will have at your finger tips (untattoed I hope) a wealth of historical esoteric to amaze and bore your friends, co-workers and blog readers.

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Harry H. Hearn Promoted - 1908

From The Wicomico News January 1908

Harry H. Hearn has been receiving congratulations this week on his appointment to a position in the main office of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Wilmington. The position pays $86 a month and he was chosen from thirty or more applicants. Mr. Hearn was only recently promoted to the position of ticket agent at Delmar. His successor at Delmar has not yet been appointed.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Well a new year is beginning for the Delmar Dustpan blog. I had thought of dropping the blog this year and concentrating on my life instead, after all five years for a blog is a good run as most only last a few months. As I get older I find a number of things are preempting blogging, but we will start the year and see where it goes and if I continue it this year.

The blog will continue as my personal blog giving my opinions on living in Delmar, the 23rd largest town in Delaware. I think the description given it in the blogging world is it is a blog with Hyperlocal content meaning it is predominately aimed at Delmar. However it is not an open forum blog, nor a newspaper, it is just for me, after all that is what a personal blog means. In 2011 I did away with the anonymous comments option. I also am selective on the signed comments that I receive and allow to be posted on my blog.

2011 has been an interesting year with a number of weather extremes, the usual tropical storm that our state government blew out of proportion, an earthquake, increased crime, local elections, increased government control, raising prices, the inability of the Federal Government to govern, another neighborhood fire, and Howard got another year older.

In the month of December I received notification that my social security income will increase this year. The increase pushes me up over a thousand a month which is nice until I go to the grocery store and see the increased prices there. Between increased retail prices and the State of Delaware forcing me to pay to dispose of leaves and yard debris plus paying for a recycling program and Delaware pocketing that plastic soda bottle deposit for themselves which I use to take advantage of, it points to a very fugal upcoming year for me. But I live within my means so I will find a way to do so this year, and I expect governments and other people to do the same and not have me bail their asses out.

The Delmar Town Government has taken care to manage our tax dollar prudently and sensibly. This prudence has enabled the town to preserve jobs in the public service and to avoid salary cuts or lay-offs. I am interested to see if they can pull it off once again in the upcoming 2012-2013 budget.

The Town in 2011 started a number of public infrastructure renewal and upgrade, with the “new” Town hall, street construction and the upgraded Waste water treatment Plant. They also took steps to allow an internet company to come to town to compete with the two existing companies of Comcast and Verizon. All of which will allow the town to better position itself in the future when this economy recovers and growth begins again.

The Maryland side of town had an election and several new people are on their council along with a new mayor so we look forward to seeing how that will work out. At least one elected official is using the internet to say what he is doing for the town each day.

I am disappointed that new ordinances have been voted into place without any of the old ordinances being removed. With the additional ordinances the concept of “your home is your castle” (your's not the town’s) becomes a little more remote in Delmar. I am also disappointed the old Lecates building continue to stand as a very visible reminder of blight in Delmar, which in spite of passing ordinances none are enforced on this building which besides being a blight also reminds us of the discriminatory fashion in which ordinances are enforced in Delmar. I am disappointed the Town does not have a disaster plan in place that the public is aware of. Natural disasters are one thing, but with the railroad and the trucking industry hauling a number of chemicals thru town there is more of a chance a disaster will occur from an accident in that area.

I am also disappointed with the inaction of our United States’ Congress and the people who we elected to be leaders. It was another year that proves out the saying “The rich get’s richer and the poor gets poorer.”

The Delmar Middle and High School continues to do well for it size. The school board also received a newly elected Board of Education member last year. School taxes continue to be high without any taxpayer control and Sussex Tech is the worst of the lot.

What’s coming up in the blog for 2012? Well more history items, I have made a commitment to a couple of different historical societies to write more about history and genealogy for them so that will flow over to the blogs. The research that will be required to write those history articles will mean less time for blogging. There will be more on trying to clean up Delmar buildings and infrastructure. There will be more pointing out that if the town passes ordinances they will enforce them fairly and they will obey the ordinance themselves.

So join me for my opinions on living in Delmar. You may not agree with me but perhaps you will continue to find something of interest. Remember by merely reading this blog daily you have begun a positive journey to attract abundance into your life and channel the cosmic energy of this blog, the positivity of Delmar and the wisdom of Howard directly to you via the internet. Happy New Year.