Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Rev. J C Hanby

I noticed in the newspaper today the obituary of Gladys Hanby Ewald. Now I didn't know Mrs. Ewald but the name of her father I certainly recognized - Rev. Jacob Carrol Hanby. For those who do family tree research and read obituaries in the Delmar-Laurel area the name is frequently encountered. I think at times, Rev. Hanby must have officiated at every funeral in this area from around 1930 forward. He was the pastor at St. George's Church, west of Delmar.

Anyway much like the last name of Figgs, which says who every bears that name originally originated in the Delmar - Whitesville area, the name Hanby pretty much places the family origination around Wilmington - they even have a place there known as Hanby Corner.

What little I know of the family is; Jacob C. Hanby's father was Willard S. Hanby and his mother was Susan. His grandfather was Jacob K. Hanby. Rev. Hanby was born August 5, 1892 and died in April 1973 at age 81. He married Bessie McCallister on June 9th, 1915 in Wilmington. They had Doris, Gladys, Paul and Bessie as children.

Embro emancipate Leah - 1799

Know all men by these presents that I Embro (Blackman) do by these presents emancipate and set free from Slavery my wife Leah having bought and paid for her and do for myself and my heirs forever Quit Claim of in and unto all my right title and Interest unto the said Leah as a Slave In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of January 1799
Embro X his mark

At a court for Accomack County January 28th 1799
The Deed of Manumission from Embro to Leah was acknowledged by the said Embro as his Act and deed and ordered to be recorded
Litt Savage Clk

Friday, January 27, 2012

Delmar Library - Munch & Learn

Financial Management Classes

The University of Maryland Extension and Delmar Public Library, 101 North Bi-State Boulevard, Delmar, offer a start to the New Year with full tummies and fatter bank accounts. “Munch & Learn” is a bring-your-own-eats learning opportunity focusing during January, in celebration of Financial Wellness Month, on better personal budgeting and credit repair. Munch & Learn: Brown Bag Lunch is Tuesday January 31, 12 – 1 PM and Munch & Learn: Do It Yourself Dessert is Thursday February 2, 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

The educational programs are being delivered by Megan O’Neil, Finance Educator for UMD Extension on the Lower Shore. Ms. O’Neil is a two time award winner from the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences for outstanding financial management educational programs and has served as Chair of the Public Policy Committee of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and President of the Maryland Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. She is credentialed in both Human Development and Family Studies (CFCS-HDFS) and in Personal and Family Financial Education (CFCS-PFFE).

Munch & Learn is free. Pre-register for the session of your choice by calling the Delmar Public Library, 302-846-9894, then mark the calendar and plan snacks to bring with you.

Susan Upole, Director, Delmar Public Library
101 North Bi-State Blvd., Delmar, DE 19940

The January Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting - 2012

The January Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting was held last night in Town Hall. Commission members Joe Dixon, Wm Boyan, Robt Thompson, Carl Anderton, David Ring, Thomas Luffman, and Ed Ferro were present. Since Carl was elected Mayor after voting on last month's minutes, he stepped down from the Commission tonight and passed the gravel to Robert Thompson.

Charlie Towers came asking for approval of the pylon sign for the Atlantic Financial Building (Old Bonanza)for which he was given approval to use at the Delmar Delaware Board of Adjustments. Of course the approval was given altho he still did not know who the actual owner of the sign was and the owners were not there.

Next Dilip Katrodiva of Shayona Pharmacy came before the commission to request a 4' by 8' sign to be put on the back of his pharmacy so vendors making deliveries and potential customers could see where he was located. A similar argument was put up by Atlantic Financial to justify putting an added sign on the East side of their building. The Commission denied Katrodiva request by saying if permission was given they may have a rash of other people wanting the same thing and the signage ordinance only allowed one sign per building. Interesting

Stuart Brittingham of SELAB, Inc came requesting a sign change for his building Brickyard Garage (the old Autoworld, Skywatch, Bread Company Building) to include the name of a Car Title Loan Company going into the building. God just what Delmar needs another car title loan company. David Ring should be happy as those people have to pay into the Delaware education fund in order to operate in Delaware. Naturally approval was given for the sign.

And the high point of the evening was Doug Marshall who finally presented his concept plan of a pavilion at Heron Ponds Development. Mr. Marshall has been talking to people privately since before the last Maryland election about this concept so I am sure everyone in the meeting room was aware of it. He acquired the Heron Pond Development last year, which is approved for 301 single family homes and is on the Maryland side of East Line Road and is the Afghanistan of Delmar developments. The development has gone thru a number of owners.

The concept is to put a Pavillion, Stage, covered seating area for 2,000 people, two restaurants and an outdoor seating area for 3,000 people, and a fire department substation in the western end of the development. Think Wolf Trap, Merriweather Post pavilion. This will remove a number of single family homes from the development which would also remove the negative impact of added students in the Delmar school district and requirements for Delmar infrastructure. It would employ a number of part-time employees and a few full time employees for the events which may be concerts, outdoor town functions and any festival etc that would require that much space and facilities.

But tonight he merely wanted the property (Heron Pond) rezoned as a PUD (Planned Unit Development). A planned unit development (PUD), is both a type of building development as well as a regulatory process. A PUD is a designed grouping of varied and compatible land uses, such as housing, recreation, commercial centers, and industrial parks, all within one contained development or subdivision.

As far as I know that type of zoning does not exist in Delmar nor is it in the Planning and Zoning ordinance, nor the comprehensive plan. It is however used in Salisbury and we all want to be like Salisbury.

Now it is my opinion that PUD's are the same as no zoning, it means the developer can do what he wants with the property as long as he has the approval of the Delmar council and you know how easy the councils are when it comes to developers.

Anyway Mr. Marshall threw in a few veiled threats of government subsidized housing and $99,000 homes if he didn't get what he wanted. Which frankly if he gets a PUD zoning he may do anyway.

Now Doug Marshall appears to be a nice guy. He is local, unlike the other owners of Heron Pond and I think he will be around for a while. In previous times he has appeared before the P&Z commission he has always done his homework. I personally think the Pavillion would be a great thing but I also think it is the carrot on the stick to allow Mr. Marshall the PUD zoning. He says he needs to sell houses in the Heron Pond Development in order to finance the pallivion and like anyone who has a debt to meet I am sure he will do what he needs to do in order to stay solvent.

Anyway this concept and request will come before the Joint council this coming Monday so come out and see and hear about it.

LHS Performing Arts Annual Craft Fair

Looking for something to do this weekend – don’t forget that LHS’s Performing Arts Department will be holding its Annual Craft Fair and Indoor Yard Sale. Yes, it’s all indoors, so come rain or shine to Laurel High School, this Saturday (1/28) with doors opening at 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Sounds interesting already! What will be there?

25 craft vendors selling their handmade jewelry, woodcrafts, Avon, air fresheners, nurses scrubs, stained glass and more!

20 flea market/yard sale vendors with amazing finds!

It’s FREE to come in and shop! AND there will be concessions available!

Why waste your time, and gas, driving around town looking for deals, food, and bathrooms, when you can find it all at one place: great deals, indoors, food/drink, and amenities!

So come out and shop at Laurel High School in their gym, cafeteria, and commons this Saturday, 1/28, from 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Community Development Block Grant - It's In The Wording

The Town Of Delmar Delaware, in cooperation with Sussex County Council (SCC), and the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) will hold a public hearing so that all citizens can have an opportunity to participate in the development of an application to the State of Delaware Community Development Block Grant Program for a grant under the provisions of the Community Development Act of 1977. The primary objective of the Community Development Program is the development of viable urban communities, including decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income. It is also a primary objective to alleviate physical and economic distress through the stimulation of private investment and community revitalization in areas of population out-migration or a stagnating or declining tax base.

In accordance with the Section 106 Review Process established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, comments are especially encouraged from interested agencies and individuals with respect to undertakings that may affect historic properties of significance to such agencies and individuals.

The hearing will be held in the Delmar Town Hall, Delmar, Maryland on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 7:00 PM . a status report for FY-11 will also be included. for more information contact William Lecates, director of Community Development and Housing at 855-7777.

Have you noticed when Academic and Government people write they use a strange flow of words that "normal" people would never use? "alleviate physical and economic distress through the stimulation of private investment and community revitalization in areas of population out-migration or a stagnating or declining tax base" is but one odd phrasing of many in the above Public announcement. Does the author of this Public announcement feel he or she has to impress someone into making them think they have a higher education than the people who will read this crap? Anyway should you regretfully be one of the many in Delmar of low income and desire to fix your house up come to the Town Meeting Monday night and see what this program will offer and hopefully who every explains it will have more common sense than the person who wrote it.

I did notice the write up in the winter issue of the Delmar Town Newsletter was more practical and understandable;

Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehab Application
Reminder- that the Delmar Community Development Office is accepting applications for
the 2012 Maryland and Delaware (Sussex County) Community Development Block Grant
Programs. The Town of Delmar will seek funding allocation for housing rehab to low moderate income families through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community
Development (DHCD) and the Sussex County DHCD Office. Both DHCD offices will submit
their funding applications in the Spring of 2012. Applications for Maryland CDBG funding only occurs every two years thus the next funding round will not occur again until 2014. Delaware, however, submits an application annually.

Interested parties can obtain an application at Delmar Town Hall or call 410-896-2777

Some Short Comments On Books Read

Over the past three weeks I have read;

The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen - She writes well but this story is along the lines of Dan Brown novels with Demons and unworldly creatures and a few Latin phrases thrown in. In the end most of the good guys live and the bad ones die.

A Six Letter Word For Death by Patricia Moyes - some thing I picked up in a thrift store. The book is from the 1980's about a Scotland Yard detective solving murders with clues from a mystery club writer group. Usually in mysteries when the case is solved you can go back thru the book and pick up on the clues that solved the case but this one I couldn't. Another book where the father doesn't recognize his own son and help kills him off - reminded of the Dan Brown's Lost Symbol.

Anne of Green Gables by J M Montgomery, - Reread, it is just a delightful novel and I enjoy it, so I have read it maybe four times.

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding - another reread, an amusing novel but I will say the movie is better than the book.

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Another reread, I have read this novel maybe three times in my life. I keep thinking as I get older some great knowledge will come my way about this book but it hasn't, it is just a boring book.

So of the randomly selected books read over the past three weeks, Anne Of Green Gables stands out as the best of the bunch.

Researching the Galestown Area

I have been spending time doing genealogical research into some families in the Galestown and Woodland Ferry area. I thought the Delmar area was difficult for research as families move between Delaware and Maryland but Galestown is really difficult as Dorchester county doesn't seem to know Galestown is part of their county and a lot of the services for Galestown are in Delaware.

When it works, the Woodland ferry is a great help and a time saver in crossing the Nanticoke.

January P&Z Meeting

Tonight at 7 PM the Delmar Planning and Zoning will meet at at town hall. Among the items for discussion will be;
Signage for Shayona Pharmacy, SELAB, and 10975 State street.
Doug Marshall will ask for rezoning of Heron Pond Development.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweetheart Spaghetti Dinner & Dance

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church/Camelot Hall Delmar, De

Sweetheart Spaghetti Dinner & Dance

Saturday, February 4th


Adults & Carry out $10 Children 12 & under $5