Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs Recipe

Fun Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs Recipe

•Serves: 24

•2 dozen eggs
•your choice of type of mustard
•Mayonnaise or use yogurt if you like
•Sweet pickle relish
•Celery Salt
•Part of a can of black olives and carrot slivers


Hard boil a couple dozen eggs (or adjust for the size of the group to feed). I always put them in cold water after boiling and then put in the fridge for at least 10 minutes - makes them easier to peel.

Mix together the mustard, mayonnaise, pickle relish, and celery salt. Taste and adjust as needed. Sprinkle some paprika on last. The pickle relish is my secret ingredient and makes them very flavorful - really - try it.

Cut the Tops off the eggs and stuff with mixture. Use black olive pieces for eyes and small slivers of carrot for a nose. Stick the top back on at an angle like a hat to make the eggs look like chicks

Photo courtesy of Ruth Andrews

St Patrick driving The Snakes Out Of Ireland

Friday, March 16, 2012

Em-Ings BBQ

Carry Out BBQ Only Saturday April 14th at the Delmar Wesleyan Church 800 E. East Street Delmar Maryland
From 11 till 2 PM at a cost of $10.50 each
To Benefit Purchase of a Church Power Point System

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Laurel Star's Letters To The Editor

I was reading the Laurel Star this morning and in looking at the Letters To The Editor out of five letters, three were addressing what Frank Calio had written in one of his weekly articles. Wow! In light of the number of people phoning in and writing in to the Daily Times to complain about Rush Limbaugh then Frank Calio is the Rush Limbaugh of the Laurel Star, if you use as a comparison the number of people writing in to disagree with him.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where's the Coke To Wash It Down With?

Marion High School Class Of 59

Today was my afternoon to volunteer at the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society. Of interest to me was three boxes of donated material that had to do with Marion Station, Maryland. I will have more about them in the future.

One of the interesting items was a couple of year books from Marion Station High School. Somerset County was one of the last Education systems in the area to go with the Central Kiddie Warehousing ideal so prominent in Wicomico County. As such it had a number of High Schools with graduating classes under 20. The 1959 Angler, Marion High School yearbook shows eight graduating that year; Iva Cullen, Carolyn Detwiler, Helen Hall, Robert Hess, Thelma Johnson, William Matthews, Anna Pusey and Ernestine Ward. Since it is small number I am showing all eight below. I think the High School was torn down in 1970. I am not sure which was the last graduating class from Marion Station, maybe 1969. It was still a time when woman put down as their future goal in life: Housewife. Love the little Dickie Collars and those sweaters that button down the back - great stories about them. As usual click on photo to enlarge it.

Egg Eggstravaganza March 24th

Click on Photo to enlarge

At Delmar Nursing Home 1 to 3, egg hunt at 1:30, March 24th

Delmar New Century Club Beef and Dumpling Dinner

Click on photo to enlarge

March 18th $12.00

The Delmar Delaware Board Of Adjustments Meeting March 13, 2011

I went to the Delmar Delaware Board of Adjustment Meeting last night to hear William L. Mahan make his case for a variance to operate a church in a Community Business zone. The Board Of Adjustments is made up of Jerome Reid (Public Works), Mayor Michael Houlihan and James Wachler (Town Attorney). Mr. Mahan plead economic hardship for his reason for requesting a variance as the building at 3 Delaware Avenue has not been rented out for two years and he has the chance to rent it to a small church. As at the Planning and Zoning meeting he stated the congregation was a small one of about 30 people and they would meet twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday), they had a favorable opinion for a church on this property from three of the six property owners in the area. Part of the other three remaining property owners were in attendance last night night to voice opposition to having a church on the property. The main reason given was parking. They stated Delaware Avenue and First Street was already overflowing with parking issues from visitors to the Nursing home on Sunday and a Church would just add to the problems of parking on the street. They felt the grounds on the property would turn in to mud if many people tried to park on the property. It was also felt that the church was only 30 people now but what would it be in the future.

In the end the Board Of Adjustments gave approval for the variance to allow a Church to operate in a Community Business zone. Restrictions was put on the approval as to the size of the church (no more than 40 people), meeting ADA guidelines on the building, Fire Marshal approval and Town Code Officer approval.

Iditarod Update

Dallas Seavey and his nine dogs won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Tuesday evening, reaching Nome at 7:29. and Aliy Zirkle finished second and Ramey Smyth was third. The race is not over until all the teams cross the finish line, which may take several more days.

It's Pi Day!!!

Lets hear it for Pi Day and 3.1415926535… the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi day is usually celebrated on March 14th at 1:59.

Pi day in any form is a little irrationality (Okay that was a lame pi joke)but perhaps someday everyone will appreciate Pi day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Iditarod Update

They are expecting the race to wrap up today about 10 PM EST.
Race Standings
1 Dallas Seavey OUT OF White Mountain at 03-13 08:22
2 Aliy Zirkle IN TO White Mountain at 03-13 01:25
3 Ramey Smyth IN TO White Mountain at 03-13 02:17
4 Aaron Burmeister IN TO White Mountain at 03-13 03:50
5 Peter Kaiser IN TO White Mountain at 03-13 06:55

The White Mountain checkpoint is 953 miles from Anchorage and only 22 more miles to Nome. Mushers are required to stay for 8 hours at the White Mountain checkpoint.

Dan Seavey team in this AP Photo

News of Servicemen - 1944

June 20, 1944 Journal-Every Evening Wilmington Delaware
Wesley Short, aviation radioman third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Short, is section leader in class of aviation radio mechanics at the Navy base in Jacksonville, Fla. Short expects to be at this school for the next eight weeks after which he will begin flying.

Harold Culver, seaman second class, of Bainbridge, Md., spent a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Hastings.

PFC John W. Penuel has returned to Camp Stewart, Ga., after spending a twelve-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Penuel near Delmar. Another son, Private James A. Penuel of Camp Edwards, Mass., was home on a three-day leave while his brother home.

Seaman Henry Ryall left this week for a few weeks training at San Diego, Calif., before reentering active service with the U. S. Navy. He has been spending two weeks with his family here.

Eugene Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Ellis, entered the U. S. Navy last week. He is stationed at Bainbridge, Md. A brother Tech. Sergt. Paul K. Ellis is now spending a three-week furlough at home after completing 27 missions over Germany. A top turret gunner Ellis is the holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air medal with three oak leaf clusters.

Sergt Tech Oswald W. Green has returned to Camp Phillips, Kan., after spending a furlough here with his wife, and his parents Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Green.

Daylight Saving Time - Waiting For The School Bus

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Iditarod Update

From USA Today;

ANCHORAGE (AP) – Aliy Zirkle was once held up as being the Iditarod's best chance for becoming the sled dog race's first female champion in two decades, and the 41-year-old musher's time may finally have come.

With roughly two-thirds of the nearly 1,000-mile race across Alaska left to go Saturday, Zirkle, of Two Rivers, held a strong lead thanks to strategy that put a checkpoint between herself and her competitors.

"She couldn't be in a better place," said Allen Moore, Zirkle's husband and an accomplished long-distance musher in his own right.

The race began March 4 with 66 teams. The total purse is $550,000 for the first 30 finishers, with the winner receiving $50,400 and a new truck. The winner is expected in Nome early next week.

Four mushers have scratched from the race already, the latest being Zoya DeNure on Saturday. She cited concern for her dogs as her team was about halfway through the race.

Zirkle — known for her big smile and exemplary dog care along the trial — pulled into the checkpoint in the village of Nulato at 6:13 a.m. Saturday but didn't stay long before steering her dog team toward Kaltag. The trail goes on the frozen Yukon River, often declared by mushers as being the worst part of the Iditarod because of the long, boring, wind-swept stretches of nothingness.

From Kaltag, teams head to the friendly town of Unalakleet along the coast where excited children greet the mushers as if they were rock 'n' roll stars, asking questions about the dogs and trying to get autographs. From there, it is a little more than 200 miles along the coast to the finish line in Nome in what can turn out to be a mad-dash by teams jockeying for position.

It will be Zirkle's job to stay ahead — something her husband said is far from a sure thing given the tough field of worthy competitors in the 2012 Iditarod.

"We have a long way to go," Moore said. "She has a lot of people on her tail. They are not too far behind."

One small mistake could cost Zirkle the lead, he said.

Zirkle arrived in Kaltag late Saturday morning with a more than three-hour lead on defending champion John Baker who moved into second place. 2004 champion Mitch Seavey was in third place, followed by Aaron Burmeister; Mitch's son, Dallas Seavey; and four-time champion Jeff King.

Moore said he was going to greet his wife in Unalakleet and give her a big hug. He would refrain from giving her advice on how to win, especially since she is well-acquainted with getting to Nome, Moore said.

"I won't be telling her what to do, that is for sure," he said.

Moore just came off a second-place finish in the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race with 10 of the dogs now in his wife's team. He lost the race by just 26 seconds. He said the team's strong performance in the Quest gave Zirkle confidence going into the Iditarod.

Zirkle won the 2000 Quest. That led to speculation that she would be the next woman to dominate the Iditarod. She finished 11th last year, her best finish since 2005 when she also was 11th.

Zirkle has acknowledged in the past that it has taken her more time than she thought it would to figure out just how to run the Iditarod. Her goal last year was to be in the top 10.

Moore said pre-race planning for this year's race is paying off. Instead of doing two long runs to cover more than 200 miles, Zirkle broke it into three and was able to give her team more rest than her competitors. It also allowed her to push to Galena where she took a mandatory 8-hour break and rest the team. Her competitors took longer runs and were forced to rest at the previous checkpoint in Ruby.

Zirkle put a checkpoint between herself and the other racers.

"It will be time to push as much as possible" once she gets to Unalakleet, Moore said.

"She knows she is capable of winning it. Everything just has to work out," he said.

Moore sidestepped the question about how his wife might feel about the prospect of becoming the next woman Iditarod champion since four-time champion Susan Butcher.

Butcher dominated the Iditarod with wins from 1986-88 and again in 1990.

Butcher retired from racing and died of leukemia in 2006.

The Freeney Cemetery

Some members of the Delmar Historical and Arts Society spent a few hours at the Freeney cemetery Saturday continuing the clean up of the grounds.

This Fox kept an eye on us the whole time. No doubt wondering what we were doing to his home. Much like the drug dealers in Delmar, who go underground when the police do a clean up then the week after they are back in business on their home turf, this Fox knows once we leave we won't be back for a while so he can go back home.

Crime and Scams

Well it has been quite a month for crime in Delmar, between a killing at Chestnut Manor Apartments, and a pharmacy robbery plus the usual breaking and entering, rapes, etc you can only think this place is going to hell.

I understand nearly half of the reported home invasions in Delaware have been in Sussex County. The Attorney general Beau Biden has help put together a bill that will promise long prison sentences to criminals who terrorize Delawareans in their homes - yea we will see if that happens. The bill creates a new crime of home invasion, which would be a class B felony and would result in a 4 year prison term for a first offense. The proposed home invasion criminal offense also would triple the mandatory prison sentence if the victim is a senior – 62 years old or older. Burglary carries a two-year minimum mandatory sentence, while a criminal convicted of home invasion against a senior would be imprisoned for at least six years. The punishment for second offenses against a senior would be doubled – from four years for burglary to eight years for home invasion.

Looking over some of the Delmar crime reported on Crime Reports the past month, it looks like this;

Community Policing 02/12/2012 600 Block E STATE ST Time: 00:30:00Suspicious Event
Community Policing 02/12/2012 500 Block E JEWEL ST Time: 00:00:00Suspicious Event
Assault 02/12/2012 9400 Block AMBER RIDGE DRIVE Time: 01:14:00Assault
Theft 02/13/2012 400 Block S BI STATE BLVD Time: 11:45:00Theft
Family Offense 02/13/2012 800 Block E CHESTNUT ST Time: 14:28:00Domestic Verbal
Family Offense 02/13/2012 N 2ND ST 2012-00000267 Time: 10:33:00Check Welfare
Alarm 02/13/2012 30300 Block OLD BRIDGE LN Time: 08:17:00Alarm - Security
Family Offense 02/13/2012 300 Block E EAST ST Time: 22:00:00Domestic Verbal
Family Offense 02/13/2012 1300 Block E STATE ST Time: 18:30:00Domestic
Assault 02/14/2012 9500 Block OCEAN HWY Time: 21:52:00Assault
Other Sexual Offense 02/14/2012 100 Block W STATE ST Time: 16:54:00Sexual Assault
Drugs 02/15/2012 S BI STATE BLVD 2012-00000271 Time: 19:43:00Illegal Drug Violation
Assault 02/15/2012 1 Block N MEMORIAL DR Time: 15:17:00Assault
Family Offense 02/15/2012 FOSKEY LN Time: 23:51:00Check Welfare
Theft 02/16/2012 1 Block S BI STATE BLVD Time: 20:16:00Shoplifting
Pedestrian Stop 02/16/2012 1 Block N BI STATE BLVD Time: 14:54:00Suspicious Person
Community Policing 02/16/2012 500 Block E EAST ST Time: 15:02:00Suspicious Event
Pedestrian Stop 02/16/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 06:11:00Suspicious Person
Alarm 02/17/2012 1 Block E GROVE ST Time: 19:36:00Alarm - Security
Breaking & Entering 02/17/2012 1 Block N MEMORIAL DR Time: 02:19:00Burglary
Family Offense 02/18/2012 OCEAN HWY Time: 15:05:00Domestic
Theft 02/19/2012 200 Block E EAST ST Time: 17:51:00Theft
Assault 02/19/2012 400 Block E EAST ST Time: 02:37:00Assault
Breaking & Entering 02/19/2012 E GROVE ST Time: 00:33:00Burglary
Disorder 02/19/2012 200 Block E EAST ST Time: 22:10:00Disorderly
Alarm 02/20/2012 31000 Block THORNTON BLVD Time: 10:02:00Alarm-Robbery
Missing Person 02/20/2012 400 Block E EAST ST Time: 01:40:00Missing Person
Family Offense 02/21/2012 700 Block E EAST ST Time: 16:20:00Domestic
Pedestrian Stop 02/21/2012 N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 12:20:00Suspicious Person
Drugs 02/22/2012 900 Block E STATE ST Time: 13:32:00Illegal Drug Violation
Assault 02/22/2012 700 Block E GROVE ST 2012-00000322 Time: 22:25:00Assault
Pedestrian Stop 02/22/2012 100 Block N BI STATE BLVD Time: 19:02:00Suspicious Person
Disorder 02/22/2012 400 Block E STATE ST Time: 15:15:00Fight
Disorder 02/23/2012 38700 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 16:18:00Disorderly
Alarm 02/24/2012 1300 Block E STATE ST Time: 21:34:00Alarm - Security
Missing Person 02/24/2012 400 Block N 5TH ST Time: 23:20:00Missing Person
Drugs 02/24/2012 800 Block E CHESTNUT ST Time: 16:22:00Illegal Drug Violation
Drugs 02/24/2012 38700 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 15:41:00Illegal Drug Violation
Disorder 02/24/2012 200 Block N BI STATE BLVD Time: 14:47:00Harassment
Disorder 02/26/2012 900 Block JONES TER Time: 13:00:00Harassment
Theft 02/26/2012 200 Block E PINE ST Time: 14:04:00Theft
Family Offense 02/26/2012 200 Block N 2ND ST Time: 10:00:00Domestic
Disorder 02/27/2012 E PINE ST Time: 15:39:00Fight
Breaking & Entering 02/27/2012 1 Block W JEWEL ST Time: 18:44:00Burglary
Pedestrian Stop 02/28/2012 1 Block W ELIZABETH ST Time: 07:43:00Suspicious Person
Alarm 02/28/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY 2012-00000360 Time: 17:45:00Alarm - Security
Family Offense 02/29/2012 500 Block E JEWEL ST Time: 21:26:00Domestic Verbal
Breaking & Entering 02/29/2012 500 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 16:55:00Burglary
Community Policing 02/29/2012 500 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Suspicious Event
Theft 02/29/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 09:05:00Counterfeit Money
Breaking & Entering 03/01/2012 200 Block E ELIZABETH ST Time: 19:40:00Burglary
Family Offense 03/01/2012 300 Block E ELIZABETH ST Time: 08:47:00Domestic Verbal
Pedestrian Stop 03/01/2012 N 2ND ST Time: 12:27:00Suspicious Person
Disorder 03/01/2012 200 Block N 8TH ST Time: 12:16:00Harassment
Disorder 03/02/2012 1 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 23:37:00Loud Music
Disorder 03/02/2012 1 Block S BI STATE BLVD Time: 18:11:00Trespass
Family Offense 03/02/2012 9300 Block OCEAN HWY Time: 13:30:00Domestic
Pedestrian Stop 03/02/2012 600 Block E PINE ST Time: 12:56:00Suspicious Person
Disorder 03/02/2012 100 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 10:57:00Fight
Theft 03/02/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 09:23:00Counterfeit Money
Alarm 03/02/2012 1 Block E GROVE ST Time: 08:36:00Alarm - Security
Family Offense 03/02/2012 00 Block E EAST ST Time: 11:18:00Domestic Verbal
Breaking & Entering 03/03/2012 500 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 11:38:00Burglary
Weapons Offense 03/03/2012 200 Block E CHESTNUT ST Time: 20:30:00Shots Fired
Alarm 03/03/2012 10900 Block E STATE ST Time: 17:50:00Alarm - Security
Alarm 03/03/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 17:43:00Alarm - Security
Alarm 03/03/2012 10900 Block E STATE ST Time: 17:36:00Alarm - Security
Drugs 03/03/2012 E WALNUT ST Time: 17:50:00Illegal Drug Violation
Breaking & Entering 03/03/2012 400 Block S MARYLAND AVE Time: 09:19:00Burglary
Vehicle Stop 03/04/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 23:13:00Suspicous Vehicle
Drugs 03/04/2012 300 Block E WALNUT ST Time: 16:00:00Illegal Drug Violation
Pedestrian Stop 03/04/2012 300 Block E EAST ST Time: 15:45:00Suspicious Person
Theft 03/05/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 17:53:00Counterfeit Money
Assault 03/05/2012 200 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 15:39:00Assault
Robbery 03/05/2012 1 Block E STATE ST 8 Time: 10:55:00Robbery
Pedestrian Stop 03/06/2012 700 Block E GROVE ST Time: 20:15:00Suspicious Person
Sexual Assault 03/06/2012 100 Block N PENNSYLVANIA AVE Time: 16:00:00Rape
Family Offense 03/06/2012 300 Block S 4TH ST Time: 03:30:00Domestic Verbal
Vehicle Stop 03/06/2012 38600 Block SUSSEX HWY Time: 23:45:00Suspicous Vehicle
Community Policing 03/07/2012 E EAST ST Time: 10:59:00Suspicious Event
Pedestrian Stop 03/08/2012 E STATE ST Time: 01:20:00Suspicious Person

so where is the killing shown?

I recently went to the Scrap dealer North of Town with my soda cans. Before I had to show a Drivers License, now it is the Driver's license plus the make, model, and tag number of my car. I assume it is all because of the scrap metal stealing that is going on all over the place.

Each time I go to Laurel Junction (bargin Bill's) I see more limited access to the shops to prevent shop lifting.

The Church where the Delmar Historical and Arts Society meets has been broken into three times in spite of their security system.

To add to it all, I received a phone call this week from someone with a heavy accent who asked to speak to my wife then when I told him she was at work he started in on me saying my daughter had stolen money from him, she was in jail in California along with her boyfriend and he wanted his number or he would kill her. He expected me or my wife to call him back and tell him what we were going to do. Naturally I hung up but he called back about two more times. So I called the Delmar police who looked into the phone number (876-429-3710) he was calling from and found it to be a phone number from Jamaica. They said it was a scam because when you call the international number back, the person on the other end up getting a profit from how many minutes you talk to them. The police research shows that this scam has been going on for some time in other states and the scammers are using public phone records to make calls.

I stopped into Bi State Pharmacy yesterday to pick up a prescription and the pharmacist was telling me about the robbery. Slipped in after a customer left with a handkerchief over his face, grabbed Joy and forced her to the back with the other four, pointing a 22 pistol at them. He said the guy kept saying "give me 30's, give me 30's" ( referring to Oxycodone 30mg) the druggist had to go to the safe in the back to get the pills and the guy was bouncing around all over the place with the pistol. When the robber made his escape his car was parked over by new pharmacy store which has extensive surveillance equipment so there was a good shot on camera of him and his car. anyway Jason Lafon Hall, 26, of Hurlock is charged with armed robbery, robbery, first- and second-degree assault, false imprisonment and several handgun violations stemming from Monday's alleged holdups of the Community Pharmacy in Salisbury and the Bi-State Pharmacy in Delmar, Del. Hall is also allegedly linked to a robbery at Peninsula Pharmacy in Salisbury on Feb. 18.

Interestingly while looking doing an internet search on Oxycodone I came across people advertising the sale of them. Rather they are Narc operating a sting operation or a scam for drug addicts here is what one looks like;

Hey, I'm selling my scripts. I have roxi 30mg's for sale. If you want to get a bulk order, 100+ I can do them for $7 each. I can also include UPS overnight shipping for free on that too. If you want 75+ I can do it for $7.50 each including overnight shipping. If you want 50+ I can do it for $8 each including overnight shipping.

For other amounts than what is listed e-mail me.

Shipping is UPS overnight, which is guaranteed to come the next day. I will make sure you don't have to sign for the package when it arrives. I can ship to business or residential addresses.

With my payment method you can pay with a debit/credit card or you can pay in cash at a local location near you such as walmart/cvs/etc.

My e-mail is:

And on the same topic of crime, back when it was being discussed about the speed camera by the elementary school, the representative from red speed said the town could give him a list of tag numbers not to give tickets too (emergency vehicles, council members, mayors, police etc). Last week I file a freedom of information request asking if such a list was given to redspeed to make some community members exempt from speeding tickets. The answer to my request was NO. So everyone stands an equal chance of getting a ticket and contributing to the profitability of the town.

So there you have it, life in a small town that just seems to get worst.

Wake Up

It's Time To Turn The Clocks Forward