Tuesday, May 08, 2012

History History History

I enjoy all types and periods of history and altho the transition of the 1N34 Germanium diode to the 1N34A Germanium diode is interesting what I really prefer is social transitions and my two favorable periods for this is the time between WW1 and WW2 and the 1960's.

In looking at regional history, 1966 was a pivotal year as it was the year school integration and busing took full effect.  Blacks and Whites were frustrated and mad over the Federal and State Government cramping crap down their throats.  School Dances and Proms became tensions ridden events, White community support of the school sports teams hit an all time low when Black players made up the majority of the team.  However Blacks were now being written about in the newspapers in a positive fashion as opposed to prior to 1966 when they only made the paper when they were arrested or some White person did something charitable for a Black organization.  Usually there was one positive Black (The Token Black) article in each edition of the newspaper.  For a researcher of historical events even that was a blessing as now you could do a limited amount of Black Genealogy. 

On April 9th,  1966, in this period of turmoil, the Ku Klux Klan made one of it's last public demonstration in Delaware.  It held a rally and cross burning between Dagsboro and  Millsboro with Bennie P. Sartin, the Great Titan of the area Klan, as the main speaker.  The 30 foot cross was prevented from being set on fire at the end of the rally because the State officials had declared a burn ban.   Tons of Delaware State Troopers were sent in to initimidate the audiance.  It was followed by another rally in May at the same site.  Edward Twadell from Unit 13 of the Wilmington Klan was the main speaker with additional speakers of Vernon C. Naimaster, head of the Maryland Ku Klux Klan, Charles J. Luthardt, candidate for Maryland Governor, and Michael Desmond (Sadiwhite) a Pennsylvania Klan organizer.  In spite of the efforts of the State, Klan membership increased dramatically in this time period.  Today one rarely hears of a KKK demonstration.  Like they say it is an  Invisible Empire.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Day In The Park June 2nd

Delmar Chamber festival This year's 36th Annual Festival sponsored by the Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce will be held on Saturday, June 2 from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Rain date is Saturday, June 16. There will be many craft, food and informational vendors, along with several other vendors from businesses, churches, food, raffles, kiddie train ride, games, other attractions, live entertainment and more. Since this is the chamber's largest fundraising event of the year, the goal is to raise enough funds from donations and sponsorships to cover all of the costs for the festival. Funds raised from the games and attractions can then be used for other events throughout the year and usual expenses. For more information, call Diane Johnson at 846-3336 or email delmardinamite@verizon.net.   

Crafters Wanted

Festival seeks crafters, exhibitors Crafters and exhibitors are needed for the 6th Annual St. Philips Strawberry Festival on Saturday, May 19, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, contact Charles Wise at 875-5537.   

Strawberry Festival, Garden Tour

Once again there will be a garden tour at the laurel Strawberry Festival, so will;
Iris beckons, as she and her sisters, stick out their tongues at the trio of Adonis sunning themselves adjacent to the knockout Bess Buds. Another day has started here at Shan-gri-la.
See previous garden review in 2009

Strawberry Festival, Garden Tour St. Philip's Strawberry Festival, the Festival Garden Tour hosted by the Laurel Garden Club, Saturday, May 19, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tour includes eight lovely gardens in the Laurel area. For information and tickets, call Linda Peters at 629-6205. 

Mardela Springs Heritage Festival

HERITAGE FESTIVAL Sat. May 12th, Mardela Springs, 9:30am Parade, 1:30 Antique Tractor Pull, Bring your chair & stay the day. Free parking & admission. Oysters, BBQ Chicken, FREE Events for kids, Exhibits at Firehouse "Memories of the County Fair" with vendors. Horse rides, Bounce house, Miniature train rides, Local Singers, Bake table, Silent auction, & more. Interested vendors contact


36th Annual Delmarva's Day in the Park Festival - Sat. June 2nd 10am-6pm - State Street Park, Delmar, DE. 302-846-3336
Sponsored by The Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce

Monday Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe by Andre de Dienes, 1953

The Hunger Games and Henry River Mill Village

It seems the abandon mill village of Henry River Mill http://realestate.yahoo.com/promo/hunger-games-mill-town-for-sale.html  used as the scene of the Hunger Games is a real place in North Carolina  and is up for sale at $1.4 million.  The current owners says fans are walking thru the village taking photos etc. 

The North Carolina tourism site VisitNC.com has hopped on the opportunity and offers a four-day "Hunger Games" itinerary which includes Henry River Mill Village. (Event organizer Leigh Trapp, who produced Harry Potter Adventures fan tours, and Tammy Hopkins, local film liaison, are offering unofficial Hunger Games Fan Tours. Their Adventure Weekend, at $389 per person, includes survival skill training in DuPont State Recreational Forest.)

Woodlawn Campground Review

Recently there was a review of woodlawn Campgrounds at RV Parks Reviews http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/Maryland/Delmar.html

Besides a good rating the comment made was;

Woodlawn Campground is a small, Mom and Pop, no-frills campground. They welcome children, but there are no special provisions or playgrounds for them. No swimming pool, jungle gyms, camp store, or basically any other amenities. The restrooms have the basics: showers, sinks, and toilets, and are always spotless. Only two of the 20 RV sites have sewer hook-ups at the site. There is a dump station that is an easy pull-through, even with a long, 34-foot, travel trailer. Tent sites are not well defined, and if you get along with your neighbors, Woodlawn can accommodate a lot of tent campers. The terrain is typical Del-Mar-Va peninsula, sandy with grass. It had rained all day the day we arrived, and a few hours after the rain stopped everything was dry again. There are so many really tall shade trees that you probably won’t be able to get a satellite signal from a roof-mounted dish. If you have one on a tripod, you’ll still have trouble finding a clear view of the southern sky from most sites. The upside of that situation is the great shade all day long. The best feature of this park is the couple who run it. They are great to deal with and will go beyond the call of duty if necessary to help you out. Great folks. Woodlawn Campground isn’t a resort by any definition, nor is it a destination campground. It IS a very nice, lower cost place to set up while you enjoy the area. We camped here in a Travel Trailer.                               

DBREC Press release

Six downstate ponds to be treated for aquatic weeds

DOVER (May 7, 2012) – During the next three weeks, weather permitting, DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife will be treating six downstate ponds for aquatic nuisance weeds that, left unchecked, can choke the waters, crowd out beneficial plant species, and prevent fishing and boating access. The ponds to be treated are: Blairs Pond and Griffiths Lake near Milford; Millsboro Pond; Records Pond near Laurel; Wagamons Pond near Milton; and Concord Pond near Seaford.

The target aquatic species is Hydrilla, a non-native plant that likely entered the state through the aquarium trade. The Division’s Fisheries Section will apply Sonar, an EPA-registered and approved aquatic herbicide containing fluridone. In compliance with new guidelines issued by the EPA, Fisheries has filed a notice of intent to use Sonar and has submitted a pesticide discharge management plan.

Sonar has been used in Delaware since the 1980s and proven safe and effective for controlling Hydrilla. Sonar does not pose any threat to wildlife, including fish. “There are no restrictions on fishing or consumption of fish as a result of these planned treatments,” said Fisheries Administrator John Clark.

Signs will be posted in the boat ramp area of each pond on the day of treatment. The only special precaution for residents is a 30-day restriction from the day of treatment on the use of water from the ponds. “Residents who live beside the ponds and those directly downstream should not use pond water to irrigate their gardens, yards, or agricultural lands for 30 days following treatment to avoid possible damage to their plantings,” Clark said.

Clark also noted the Division would like to remind residents that in order to use any water from Delaware’s freshwater ponds, a permit from the DNREC Division of Water is required. Residents who have these permits will receive individual notice of the treatments.

Anglers and boaters are encouraged to remove all Hydrilla and other aquatic plants from their boat trailers to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic vegetation to other ponds and waterways, Clark added.

For more information on the treatment of the ponds, please call the Fisheries Section of the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 302-739-9914.

For information on obtaining an irrigation permit from the Division of Water, please call Patty Murray, Water Allocation Section, at 302-739-9945. For more information, visit www.wr.dnrec.delaware.gov/Services/OtherServices/Pages/WaterSupplyWaterAllocationBranch

California Pink-A-Pades Ad - 1967