Saturday, May 19, 2012

Close Down The Delmar Racetrack

I swear even in a new house with insulation and double pane windows all I can hear tonight is the Delmar US 13 Dragway and international speedway.  There must be away to have them reduce the sound.  Between the fire Department Alarm, the trains and the racetrack I can't imagine anyone moving to this town.

The Joker

The Childlike Empress

The Laurel Strawberry festival

I stopped by the Laurel Strawberry festival this morning, got one of those great scrapple sandwiches they sell.  They have lowered the price this year to $3.50 each so with a cup of 50 cent coffee (eat your heart out Starbucks) my tab came to an even $4.00.

It seems even bigger than usual this year.  The amazing thing is they have not had bad weather for any of the days they have been having it. 

I talked awhile with Brenda of Brenda's Baskets , she told me all about basket making and altho her prices are not Chinese prices with the cost of material and the time (average about 8 hours a basket) she put into making a basket they are fair trade items. Do many of you remember when basket companies were all over the shore?  I can remember walking thru the yard of a basket company smelling fresh cut wood and looking at thousands of strips of wood that had been dyed and were drying in the yard.  

I tried to stop by the Cooks House to tour it but couldn't find a parking space so gave up and stopped off by the train station.  The station was not open but they have done a great job of restoring it.  Peeking thru the windows show great craftsmanship on walls and woodwork etc. 

Now lets not hear from the Delmar crowd that bemoans the fact the town wouldn't buy the Delmar train station when it was offered to the town for a dollar.  The truth is if the town did buy it the station  would just sit there as another slum building with nothing being done to it.  Delmar has a volunteer problem.  Those that do volunteer are into every organization in town and they are old and worn out.  It is time for some younger people to step up to the bat.
I also purchased some local strawberries and they are sweet.


There is a lot of different reasons to countdown to an event, but THE local event is the end of school. 

June 1st at 7 pm is Delmar High School Graduation.

May 22 to 25 are Delmar Senior Exams

June 5 to June 8 are final exams for everyone not a Delmar Senior. 

and at Sussex Tech graduation is May 31st at 6 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Field Day

The Delmar Elementary School will have their Field day on May 18th.

1949 Dynamite Test

From The State Register


A sudden explosion in Delmar about 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon, heard throughout the town, resulted from a prank by three teen-age boys.  The ringleader said he wanted to hear what exploding dynamite sounds like.

The blast, set off by a detonator hooked by wire to a flashlight battery, occurred just behind the Maryland High school.

Millard Johnson, Jr., Route 1, Delmar, set the charge, said Maryland State Police.  The other boys were: John Mezick Lowe, 15 and Larry Sinagra, 16, both of Delmar.  All were seen by people living near the high school just after the blast.  Further action on the case is pending.

Allan C. Gattis - 1966

1949 Legal Notice Mildred Marando

Delmar Downtown Revitalization Committee Meeting

I think today is the Delmar Downtown Revitalization Committee meeting at 1 pm at Town hall.

Some John and Yoko Stills

Ball Field Rest Rooms

I see the new rest room building at the ball fields, basketball courts and skateboard park is now installed and ready to go.

Also the old bathrooms are being left open during the day.  A change that was long overdue as those bushes in that park were getting a work out. 
Police Security cameras keep an eye on things in that section of the park. 

Iditarod Champion Sues Knife Company

Former Iditarod champion Mitch Seavey is suing Kershaw Knives of Oregon and Sportsman's Warehouse, where he purchased the blade for using a knife made by Kershaw with which Seavey nearly sliced off his index finger.  Seavey was using a knife with a locking blade that has a gut hook mushers frequently use to slice a plastic tie that secures straw bales. The bales are used for the dogs to sleep on.  The suit contends that a lever or button near the middle of the handle can be depressed while the knife is being used, potentially allowing the blade to close on a user’s fingers.  Kershaw Knives is owned by KAI USA Ltd., the Oregon-based subsidiary of a Japanese company that also makes Shun Cutlery blades and Zero Tolerance "tactical" knives.  Altho no article I found mentions the model of the knive it was perhaps Kershaw's Alaskian Blade Trader

The incident happened in Ophir during the 2011 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The damage done to Mitch's right hand left him so debilitated that race marshall Mark Nordman ordered Seavey withdrawn from the race. The digit was later reattached by doctors.

At the time of the incident, Seavey was in fourth place behind four-time champion Martin Buser

The lawsuit in U.S. District Court demands $100,000 in lost wages and other damages. The Iditarod champion wins a check for $50,400 and a new Dodge truck for finishing first. Typically, numerous promotional opportunities also become available.
Fairbanks lawyer John Tiemessen, representing Sportsman’s Warehouse, told the Daily News: “Mr. Seavey bears the burden of proving all of his damages, including his claim that but for cutting his finger, he would have won the Iditarod. As Mr. Seavey probably knows better than most, there is a wide gulf between hoping you will win, even thinking you might win, and actually winning the race.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Princess Trixie

An article on Princess Trixie, the trick  horse that died in a Railroad accident in Delmar is located here;

I did an article on Princess Trixie back in February 2008

Sally Fields - 1964

Don't Look Back

National Peace Officers Memorial Day

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15th falls, as National Police Week.  This year alone, 36 police officers have died in the line of duty, 17 in the month of January alone. In 2011, 166 police officers went to work for their shift, and never came home.

Gov. Martin O’Malley has ordered U.S. and Maryland state flags be flown at half-staff on today in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day.

So I rode by the Delmar Police department today and as usual I can't say they had their flag at half-staff.  Of course, it also isn't all the way to the top so maybe just a lazy person made a half hearted attempted at putting the flag at full staff or couldn't decide and settled on 3/4 staff.

And whats with the army trucks and equipment there today?

Volunteers For Disaster Response Team

Sussex County looking for citizen volunteers to join disaster response team

FOR IMMEDIATE 1130 Hours, Friday

RELEASE May 4, 2012

Sussex County is in search of a few good volunteers.

The Sussex County Citizen Corps and the Emergency Operations Center will hold an informational meeting from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursday, May 17, 2012, for anyone interested in learning more about disaster preparedness and how to volunteer their services in a crisis situation. The classes will be held at the County EOC, located at 21911 Rudder Lane, just east of Georgetown.

The meeting will be the first in a weekly series of free sessions to be held throughout the summer, training everyday people in how to become members of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT teams are volunteer units made up of regular citizens who support public safety officials during disasters and times of crisis.

Classes will cover various topics, including fire safety, medical operations, light search/rescue, organization, disaster psychology, and terrorism.

CERT training is designed to help citizens help themselves and their neighbors before first responders arrive. CERT is not a replacement for 911 or emergency management; it educates citizens in ways to help each other when resources may be limited.

Created in 2002 as a response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, Citizen Corps provides everyday people an opportunity to learn how to respond to disasters, whether man-made or natural, and use that training to support public safety. Sussex County adopted a volunteer program in 2007.

For more information or to register for the free classes, please contact Carl Davis at (302) 858-5302 or at

Maryland State 4-H Teen Leadership Conference

2012 State 4-H Teen Focus

One World, One 4-H, One Dream…To Make the Best Better
June 24-28, 2012
Maryland State 4-H Teen Leadership Conference will be held at the beautiful University of Maryland Eastern Shore. This is the premier, statewide
annual 4-H event for teens and the adults who work with them. The mission of Teen Focus is to provide educational experiences on a campus
setting that help teens to develop life skills and leadership abilities to make decisions about their future educational and professional endeavors.
The Goals for 4-H Teen Focus are:
To provide a high-quality educational experience for 4-H youth ages 14-18 and adults that work with them;

To promote 4-H as a major statewide educational youth program;

To promote an understanding of the value of diversity among Teen Focus

To provide educational, recreational and social experiences for teens that would

not normally be available at a county or district level;
To provide educational experiences through seminars, workshops, and service

learning that will enhance life skill development and support 4-H project work;
To provide first hand experiences on college campus exposing participants to

“college life”.

To provide opportunities for teens and adults to specifically develop leadership

related life skills; 
To enhance each delegate’s sense of personal and social responsibility through an environment that fosters independence, accountability, decision-making and time management.

Now that you know a little more about Teen Focus, I’d like to invite you to join us at this wonderful event! Check out the attached course offering and information on our exciting day trips to Tangier and Assateague.

For more information on this program contact;
Lisa M Dennis, PhD
4-H Youth Development Specialist
Youth and Adult Leadership Development

University of Maryland Extension
2135 Richard A Henson Center
Princess Anne, MD 21853

office: 410-651-8330
fax: 410-651-6207



May 8, 2012

Additional financial assistance offered for poultry manure relocation

DOVER – Delaware farmers can soon receive more assistance to move excess poultry manure off their farms to land that can benefit with the addition of manure or to alternative uses, reducing nutrient loading in certain areas and helping improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Delaware Nutrient Management Commission recently voted unanimously to increase the cost-share funding for manure transport, which helps support the cost of moving manure from their farms to areas or projects that can use it, thus reducing nutrient loading in certain areas.

“This is great news for farmers and the environment, allowing Delaware to move more manure out of sensitive areas,” said Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee, an ex officio member of the Commission. “The additional reimbursement will especially be of help to farmers dealing with the rising cost of fuel.”

The decision to raise the funding level was possible thanks in part to $600,000 in funding for relocation work from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, via the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and a continuing reduction in the volume of poultry manure being moved through the program. The funding must be used over a four-year period, by 2016.

“The environment gets a big boost through this, and farmers find it more attractive to move their manure out of nutrient-rich areas,” said Delaware Nutrient Management Program Administrator Larry Towle. “Moving this high-phosphorous manure from areas where there’s an excess into areas where it can be used spreads out the impact on waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.”

Towle said the volume of manure transport being supported by the program has gradually been decreasing because of changes in farm management practices and farmers arranging independent farm-to-farm transport.

The new rates will take effect June 1.

For manure being moved from farm to farm, or from a farm to an alternative use project such as the Perdue AgriRecycle fertilizer plant, the rate will increase to 16 cents per ton mile, with a cap of $18 per ton, from 10.8 cents per ton mile, with a cap of $13.50 per ton. That is an increase of 48 percent, and restores the reimbursement rate to the 2006 level.

For manure being moved from an alternative use project off the Delmarva Peninsula, the rate will increase to 6 cents per ton mile, with a cap of $10 per ton, from 5.4 cents per ton mile, with a cap of $9 per ton. That is an increase of 11 percent, and restores the reimbursement rate to the 2008 level.
The relocation program also receives funding from the state of Delaware General Fund and poultry companies. More than 58,000 tons of excess manure was moved out of high-nutrient areas through Delaware’s relocation program in fiscal year 2011, with more than a third of that tonnage going to alternative use projects such as Perdue AgriRecycle or mushroom growers in Pennsylvania. More than 660,000 tons have been relocated since 2006.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A few Dirty Dancing Stills

Tim Hortons

While we were in Erie PA I stopped off at a Tim Hortons

For those who may not know the chain they are a coffee and donut shop franchise out of Canada. They have 3,225 locations in Canada and 645 locations in the United States. Since Canada is always high on my list I had to stop by and taste their wares. I had three Timbits, as they call donut holes, and a cup of black coffee. Both were good. Interestingly when I ordered my three timbits and coffee the server repeated the order by saying "that will be three timbits and a cup of black coffee Eh?"

  In the event someone wants to bring a Tim Hortons to our area I have included the above Franchise Information request

Ann-Margret & Elvis

National Public Garden Day

May 11th was National Public Garden day - a day in which most Public gardens were open for free.  I don't know what was going on back here but since I was in Edinboro I took a couple of minutes to go to the Goodell Gardens and Homestead in Edinboro PA
 Located on the circa 1890's Goodell Family farmstead, the Heritage Garden boasts 40 specimens of Azaleas and Rhododendrons, 60+ tree species but at the time we were there only a limited number of flowers were in bloom.

After seeing the limited area currently under cultivation and planted I was impressed with their fundraising activities.  They have farmers market on the weekend, lectures, barn dances, classes on plants and flowers, they host harvest festivals, weddings, reunions, parties and any thing else that will make money.  They are a nonprofit so they also have members and dues and they normally charge to see the gardens.

I will point out that this coming weekend is the Laurel Strawberry Festival, Garden Tour the Festival Garden Tour hosted by the Laurel Garden Club, Saturday, May 19, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tour includes eight lovely gardens in the Laurel area. For information and tickets, call Linda Peters at 629-6205.

The Travel Book Review

I usually take a book along with me on trips to read in those downtime moments.  I had plenty of time at the graduation to read this one.  This trip's travel book was "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins - the 2nd book of the Hunger Games Series. In this book Katniss and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark have won the Hunger Games and have returned to their homes only to be thrown back into the Hunger Games.  Again this book is written for a 12 year old girl, the same as the Hunger Games so it is easy reading.  It was interesting and draws you into the story.  It does have more unbelievable science magic in it but still comes down to a survivor game with alliances and such.  It has a great ending that will force me to read book three of the series. 

Wheres George

Prior to leaving on the trip to Edinboro I had to get cash for the trip and on one of the bills was stamped Wheresgeorge .  Wheres George is a currency tracking project in which bills are stamped and a tracking website is made for that serial number of the bill.  The bill I have so far has not had a very long trip.  it started out on the western shore of Maryland on April 14th and last week I received it in the Delmar M & T Bank.  At the moment I still have it.

Tonight The Mayor and Commissioners Meeting

The Delmar Maryland Mayor and Commissioners will meet tonight at 7 PM to rubber stamp their approval for the Zoning changes for the Heron Pond Subdivision.

Monday's Marilyn

Norma Jeane Dougherty (later known as Marilyn Monroe) at age 15


We have been away for a few days to attend my youngest daughter's graduation at Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania (south of Erie).  With the exception of some highlights - like seeing her graduate - it was a miserable ass trip with delays, wrong directions, construction, packing up her dorm room, loading the van etc.  Edinboro is one of fourteen Universities in the Pennsylvania University System.   With my daughter were about 700 other undergraduates at Edinboro receiving degrees, however she was the only one from Delaware.  She received a Bachelor Of Arts in Humanities and Foreign Languages.

Edinboro has a large number of new buildings but for some reason known only to God and the trustees they decided to have the commencement exercise in a  gym - it was like some high school graduation. - Hot - crowded - packed to the rafters - had to arrive an hour and half before to get a seat on a narrow bleacher that you could not position your legs in front of you without hitting the person in front of you in the back - several old people lost their balance trying to climb the bleachers and fell several rows down before landing in an embarrassing pile - the ceremony was two and half hours long  so with the hour and a half prior arrival for a seat you felt like you were paralysed from the waist down when it was finally over 

As you know at graduation time finding your kid is like doing a "Where's Waldo" picture only this time all the figures are dressed the same.
So there she is posing with her sister.  Afterwards we did the packing her stuff into the van routine  and moving her back home.

Did I mention how proud her mother and I are of her - we are.