Friday, June 01, 2012

2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee

I missed the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee last night.  It is always enjoyable to watch if for no other reason than all the kids are polite.  Last night 14-year-old Snigdha Nandipati, a San Diego eighth grader, won by spelling guetapens (means ambush or trap) at the spelling bee in National Harbor, Md.  This isn’t the first spelling-bee performance for her, she competed last year and landed in 27th place.   She won $30,000 in winnings, plus a $2,500 U.S. savings bond and a $5,000 scholarship.   Nandipati was among nine finalists who were plucked from 278 contestants in the nationwide competition.

Now one of the things that stand out in these spelling bees are how many Indians-Americans are in the finals - usually about half are Indian-American.  It turns out there is a Indian organization called the North South Foundation (NSF) that runs spelling bees (and other educational events) for Indian/Americans preparing them for the National Spelling Bee. The North South Foundation circuit consists of 75 chapters run by close to 1,000 volunteers.  Not only do they produce winners but they go out and make sure there is a sponsor in their area for their children to go to the spelling bee as it is not just a matter of being a great speller you have to live in a school district with a sponsoring newspaper or community organization. So they go out and convince local newspapers to be sponsors.

An article that talks about this process is at


Street Preaching

I noticed this woman today on RT13 in Salisbury, with her bible open, preaching to the traffic as they rode by. 
Hard way to get the word out, but "Street preaching"  is an ancient practice going back to the prophets of the Old Testament. In the New Testament, our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed his glorious message in the "open-air," speaking plainly to the common man

It  reminds me of Black exhortors that go to Ocean City and walk the boardwalk speaking the bible

Orange Beverage Cups

I was in Wal Mart Today and I see they have orange colored beverage cups.  Do they know Delmar is graduating today and that is the reason they have a ton of orange cups to go with their normal blue ones to make Delmar Colors?

Delmar High School Graduation Is Tonight

June 1st at 7 pm is Delmar High School Graduation.  It doesn't look good for it being an outside ceremony so if there is any noise from the Delmar speedway you won't have to worry about hearing it as if the ceremony is held in the gym the echo from people speaking will drown it out.

Delmar Day In The Park Is Tomorrow

Delmar Day in the Park is this Saturday from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. The Rain date is Saturday, June 16 and by the looks of it that date may be used, but lets be positive and say tomorrow it is going to happen. There will be many craft, food and informational vendors, along with several other vendors from businesses, churches, food, raffles, kiddie train ride, games, other attractions, live entertainment and more.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Was Laurel Settled By Pirates?

For those that follow history in this area we are aware that Laurel was part of a tract of land called "Bachelor's Delight" patented for James Wyeth and Marmaduke Mister in 1684.

 Site of town was originally part of tract known as “Bachelor’s Delight.” From 1711 to 1768 it was included in Nanticoke Indian Reservation, comprising 3,000 acres, authorized by Act of Maryland Assembly. A village known as “Laurel” was in existence as early as 1799. Birthplace of Governor William H.H. Rose (elected 1850), and home to Governors Nathaniel Mitchell (elected 1804), William B. Cooper (elected 1840), Joshua H. Marvil (elected 1894), and Elbert N. Carvel (elected 1948 and 1960). The town’s central district was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

I recently read an article by John Fitzhugh Millar
in which he writes about pirates having a ship called the "Bachelor's Delight" (a corvette of 14 main guns) The pirates went on their plundering spreed in the 1680's and after a while decided to stop being pirates and took their ship to Philadelphia where it was sold.  The crewmen made their way down the Chesapeake dropping off three crewmen in Sussex County Delaware.  The plantation those three created with their ill-gotten gains was called "Bachelor’s Delight", named after their ship and was located where the village of Laurel now stands.

Eventually the other crewmen of the "Bachelor's Delight" ended up having to forfeit part of their loot and that money went to create the College of William and Mary.


Certainly it would explain some of the thieving actions of certain people in Laurel - it's in their blood being descended from Pirates.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The May 2012 Delmar Joint Council Meeting

The May 2012 Delmar Delaware and Delmar Maryland Joint Council meeting was held last night. The member missing was Delmar Delaware Councilman Woody Payne.  My usual disclaimer is; I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real story - go to the meeting.  The meeting was over with by 9 PM.

There were a number of items discussed but only a few that I will comment on.
The main discussion of the night was the Budget.  Part of the Budget (on the Maryland side of town) was the hiring of another police Officer.  The Police department has an individual they want to hire.  The individual (his/her name was not mentioned) is willing to pay his own way thru the Maryland Police academy and then be hired in my Delmar PD and be sent to the Delaware police academy.  The Maryland side of town would pay the full salary of that person from January 2013 to June 2013 at which point the Maryland side of town would expect the Delaware side of town to pick up 40% of the salary.  Mayor Houlihan said he disagreed.  The Delaware side of town did not agree to that in the Budget and would not go along with it.  He said they were already picking up the salary of a policeman who was hired in on a grant and now the grant was over with.  He said the Delaware side of town did not have the resources to hire yet another officer.  Commissioner Ring and Commissioner Luffman felt that the Delaware side should pay for the salary so this person could be hired in.  Delmar police Chief Hal Saylor provide some input.  It ended with the Maryland side of town going for hiring the additional handpicked person for the police force.  The Delaware side will not agree to pay the salary for him.

The effects of Landscaping of the town hall should be seen within the next week or so.  Commissioner Stephanie Ring asked if there was not some way in which smoking outside of Town hall could be stopped as there were cigarette butts all over the parking lot.  The town will consider a sign saying “no smoking within 25 feet of building”.  The idea seems like a laugh to me.  There is constant foot traffic thru the Town Hall parking lot at night and none of those people are going to give a shit about a sign.  It amounts to another unenforced ordianace that will be used in a selective and discriminatory manner.  Plus it is one more government entity telling you what you should do in your private life.    
Commissioner Stephanie Ring also felt something should be done about the Lecates building (or maybe I should refer to it as the Chris Mill’s building now) and the Mason Dixon Auction house  before Heritage Days in September.  The Delmar Maryland town Lawyer said he thought there could be found some violations of the town building code at Mason Dixon.

In the public comment part of the meeting I said since the schools are letting out for the summer will the Red Speed Camera be turned off for the summer?  The answer was they were not sure but Mayor Carl Anderton said he would check on that and get back to me.
I also said I was aware the US 13 Dragway and international speedway was not in the town limits but I would like for the Delmar Delaware elected officials to support me in trying to have the noise level coming from the racetrack reduced.  Altho the track was here when I moved to Delmar I feel the noise and sound emanating from the racetrack has increased over the years, in part due to some wooded area being cut eliminating that sound barrier.  The volume of sound is to the point where the use and enjoyment of Delmar resident’s homes are greatly affected by the racetrack.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Playboy 1970's

Summer Has Arrived

Lies or Inflating The Facts

As High School and college graduates hit the job market this spring one thing they will have to produce is a resume or at least have a good description of what experience they have.  Now I strongly advise inflating your resume - don't lie - just inflating some of your experience.  After all a resume merely gets you an interview, it doesn't get you the job. However recently we have had two national figures have their credentials blow up in their face. 

Scott Thompson was recently fired as CEO of Yahoo after four months on the job.  He had asserted he had two degrees; one in accounting and another in computer science.  His degree was actually in accounting only.

Elizabeth Warren, the Oklahoma Senate candidate and Harvard professor who cites "family lore" that she is 1/32nd Cherokee, and used that "fact" to claim minority status.  Harvard Law School and the University of Pennsylvania  listed her as a minority faculty member when she taught there.  It would appear she is not any part Cherokee. 

Now as I said, I encourage embellishment if you actually have something to embellish.   In the two cases above they simply lied and you should never lie on your resume and even more so, never lie on an employment application.

When I first started in accounting in the 1970's, companies took your word you had a college degree.  About 1978 I was working for NCR Corporation in Millsboro and the company decided those who said they college degrees should produce them or have their college transcription sent to the personnel department.  The head of the purchasing department who had said he had a master degree and a couple of other degrees decided to seek employment elsewhere within a week of that announcement.  

Always make sure there is that grain of truth in anything you put down on a resume or employment application.

Panichella Farms

I was down to Lowes buying air filters and thought I would pick up a six pack of tomatoes, no luck there, they apparently only have the 6 inch pots of one plant which is an expensive way to buy plants unless you only want one.  I went over to Panichella Farms Greenhouses on Pepperbox Road  and picked up a six pack of tomatoes for $2.95.

Old Drive In Movie

So why is the grass at the old Drive In Movie site allowed to grow up to your waist?  The property is in the town limits. 

Heron Pond Work

Work is proceeding along with the four smaller houses Heron pond was authorized recently.  There is a trailer sitting on the land down, i was under the impression he was going to use an unsold house as an office.

"The World Below" by Sue Miller

I have a general rule that if after reading a book for 50 pages if I am not interested at that point I drop it.  Much like the stock market where you occasionally have to accept a lost and get rid of the stock, book reading is the same way.

"The World Below" by Sue Miller is one of those books I have given up on.  It is about the life of a grandmother and a granddaughter.  The grandmother has died and the granddaughter is going thru some personal readjustment so she moves into her grandmother's house.   The book is published by Ballantine Books and is about 275 pages long so maybe the remaining 225 pages are totally exciting but I will never know.

Delmar Joint Council Meeting Tonight

Tonight in Town Hall at 7 PM the Delmar Joint Council will be held.  Not much on the official agenda - speed bumps, budget approval etc.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be-Bop Glasses - 1960's?

Keep Trying Randie


Rural Land Deals In Sussex County Delaware

There is a lengthy but interesting article by Liam Rogers on rural real estate at Exodus Valuations

A number of comments about land deals in Sussex County Delaware.   A taste of it is like this;

Twenty and thirty years ago thousands of people bought in to the “live on a farm and make a fortune” dream of owning a chicken house, home and acreage in Sussex County Delaware — the chicken capital on the world — exactly where there are quite a few million chickens for each individual who lives here. To get a short although it was feasible to take the “contract” from a chicken plant for the bank and with only that as collateral, get a loan for about ten acres, a home and no less than 1 chicken house. Several people soon found that the so referred to as contract had fine print and clauses that had been all in favor on the chicken plant and none in favor on the chicken grower. Soon most chicken growers had been operating complete time to help assistance the chicken business enterprise they had bought, along with it is mortgage of $200,000 or more, often substantially more.

Now when I appraise a chicken farm with house and acreage I appraise the operating chicken farm at zero — and that is genuinely also high a worth in some circumstances. You’ll find a great deal of a lot easier, superior smelling and cleaner jobs you are able to acquire with $200,000 or so. If you would like to produce a living developing chickens you must prepare to invest no less than a million dollars, you are able to finance it needless to say, and get quite a few chicken houses built around your home on 15 to 20 acres, in the event you do not mind the smell, and after that the ideal bet is to lease the business enterprise to someone who is running 20 or thirty chicken houses no less than.