Saturday, June 16, 2012

Working At The Freeney - Hearn Cemetery

A couple of us from the Delmar Historical and Arts Society went out to the Freeney - Hearn cemetery west of town to continue our work of cleaning it up.  We have not been out there for a month so first order of business was weedwacking so we could find the cemetery again.
After the weeding we worked on shoveling the excess dirt out of the cemetery.  Our theory is when the cemetery was overgrown in weeds, trees and bushes when the wind blew it picked up sand and dirt from the fields around the cemetery and the weeds etc captured the sand giving the cemetery about a 6 inch build up to it.   Slow going but we will eventually get it clean.

Thelma Hastings Delmar Town Clerk 1976

From The Salisbury Times, Sept 22, 1976


DELMAR - Thelma Hastings, a town clerk here for 15 years, was suspended from duty for six days following the disclosure that she accepted $10 from former Police Chief Charles Cullen as payment for his service revolver.

The action was taken in behalf of the joint Maryland and Delaware town council by Town Manager Robert Martin, who discovered a record of the payment entered in the town's financial records.

The council in effect, reimbursed the clerk for four of the six suspension days.  the action will result in the docking of two days pay.

According to Mr. Martin, the matter of whether the outgoing police chief, who retired in March, could purchase his service revolver, a standard practice for state police, was discussed and vetoed by the council.

The transaction was then made, Mr Martin said, in April, following the council's adverse decision.  He said the gun has been recovered and the money returned.

Mr. Cullen, explained he had made an informal request to purchase the gun, for a token amount, as a memento last December from the council.  He said that apparently a motion was made sometime after that to reverse the decision, and he was not aware of it until just last month.

He sympathized with Mrs. Hastings, saying he thought she had done nothing wrong, and added, " I don't want the gun.  I wouldn't want it if it was gold plated,"

Hullabaloo Ad 1971 Salisbury MD


We the People

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America

Interesting, even in the constitution there were provisions for controlling noise, literally “domestic Tranquility” means peace and quiet at home, of which for those who live around Delmar when the Delmar Speedway is going, have very little of.  We are taught at home, church and school to respect the rights of others and I don't care what Delmar Speedway does at night as long as they respect my right of being able to communicate with people in my house or out in my yard without having to scream over the sound of the racetrack.  Noise pollution interferes with the ability to comprehend normal speech and may lead to a number of personal disabilities, handicaps, and behavioral changes.These include problems with concentration, fatigue, uncertainty, lack of self confidence, irritation, misunderstandings, decreased working capacity, disturbed interpersonal relationships, and stress reactions.  Some of these effects may lead to increased accidents.  

Initially you may think you have very little control over noise outside your property, but if the constitution wants to insure domestic tranquility (one of six guarantees)  and most elected officials swears an oath that they will support the constitution than by God the elected officials have to ensure domestic tranquility.   The Federal Government recognised that one part of insuring domestic tranquility was to have a noise control act, however they dropped funding for it and now let the states handle the manner - but still Delaware State officials swear to uphold the constitution so it is time for them to get busy.

do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God

Cilin - Unbaptised Infants Burial Grounds

Well with my trip to a couple of cemeteries yesterday and in another hour I will be out to the Freeney-Hearn cemetery working on cleaning it up I think I will write about a lesser known cemetery lore.  I recently read an article that is reprinted below about cemeteries for unbaptised infants - Cilin. The word is supposed to be derived from the Latin "cella"  and means Church or Graveyard.

A UNIQUE plaque has been installed by Cappamore Historical Society in remembrance of unbaptised infants in the parish.
It was blessed by Fr Liam Ryan following Mass last Sunday morning.
The initiative by Cappamore Historical Society has been planned for the last eight months.
Chairman of the historical society, Oliver Dillon, said the granite stone plaque was placed at the rear of the church where the original baptism font was located.
The wording reads: “In remembrance of unbaptised infants and others of the Cappamore area who are buried in cillineacha and elsewhere in unofficial ground.”
A cilin is unconsecrated ground where it was the practice to bury unbaptised babies in the past. The burials were secretive in nature and mostly undertaken in hours of darkness.
In some areas a spoon was buried with the infant and this appears to be a pre-Christian custom.
Mr Dillon says there are three cillineacha in the parish of Cappamore that they know of, but there is probably more as some don’t appear on maps. Cillineacha were often found beside graveyards.
The second part of the inscription on the plaque sums up the initiative by the Cappamore Historical Society, said Mr Dillon.
The quote from Ecclesiasticus 44.9 is: “Others there are who have left no memorial, who have disappeared as if they never existed and are now as though they never were”.
“It is a mark of respect and in remembrance for those that have gone before us,” said Mr Dillon. Fr Ryan said the blessing after Mass on Pentecost Sunday in front of members of the Cappamore Historical Society and their families.
He also thanked Fr Browne for his support.

These cemeteries were mainly for infants who died shortly after childbirth and possibly adult suicide cases.  Since they had not been baptized or they had committed an act violating a rule of the church they could not be buried in church consecrated ground.  I understand there was not a grave marker placed on the grave.  This of course leads the scenario of a mother dieing in childbirth and her child dies also and one is buried in a church graveyard and the other is buried outside in unconsecrated grounds. I tend to associate them with the Roman Catholic Church and the Irish but I am sure that is not the only groups who did this or still does this practice. 

It is an old practice and such was the power of the Church that according to the Book of Oaths dated 1649, a midwife had to swear that ‘if any childe bee dead borne, you your selfe shall see it buried in such secret place as neither Hogg nor Dogg, nor any other Beast may come unto it, and in such sort done, as it may not be found or perceived, as much as you may; and that you shall not suffer any such childe to be cast into the Jaques (privy) or any other inconvenient place.’

I honestly do not know of any of these unbaptised burial grounds for infants in our area, but since they are unmarked the only way you would know is by word of mouth. .  Obviously with the current burial practice of being buried in a commercial graveyard it makes no different if they are baptised or not.  Perhaps a reader will know of one in the area and let us know.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Delmar Speedway Continues Their Noise Pollution

Well it is cool evening for a change, one in which residents of Delmar could sleep with their windows open instead of having to run the air conditioners but no luck with that as the Delmar International speedway is running full blast and you can't even hear TV with the windows open. 

The residents of this town are entitled to a reasonable degree of tranquility and the speedway prevents the enjoyment of that right.

So how should we handle this degradation of our home life? 

Gravestone Hunting

I spent the morning down around Marion Station Maryland looking for the tombstones of some distant relatives. 

Sarah Rebecca Fletcher (1824 to 1902) married George Price and they had a son, Emory, and a daughter, Georgianna.  They lived in the Whitehaven area.  Georgianna married married Alexander Long (son of Edward Long) on Sep 27, 1871 and they lived in what is called Quindocqua (generally south of Marion Station/Tulls Corner).  They had a number of children; Lillie Gertrude (1872), Amelia Anne (1874), Upshur (1876), Edward Lee Carrol (1877) Phillip (1876), Kingden (1879), Alexander Fletcher (1884) and Llewellyn Francis Price (1886). At least that is all I know of at the moment.  To add to the size of the household, after George Price died, Sarah Price came to live with them.
So after a couple of wrong turns I finally found St Pauls Episcopal,  a carpenter-Gothic-style church sheathed with beveled-edge board-and-batten siding.
and tucked back in a corner of the cemetery that surrounds the church was Georgianna and Alexander graves.
and Sarah R. Price
and a few children tombstones not shown.

St Paul is next to two other cemeteries One is that of Quindocqua Methodist Church and the other is that of Trinity Methodist Church.

The actual building for Quindocqua Methodist Church is about a mile and half away from their cemetery. 
Quindocqua Methodist was built in 1913 in a style considered late Gothic revival and has a modified cruciform plan (the floor plan is in the shape of a cross) It has great stain glass windows.

I had previously, in the morning, made a wrong turn and ended up at St Peters Methodist Church.  Another old church with a graveyard around it.  It is close to Sunny Ridge Cemetery, a modern cemetery.
It even had a collapsed grave which I am so glad one of them did not collapse when I was standing on it.  Sometime in grave searches when you are try to read the tombstone you can feel the ground shift a little under you.

This Week on The Delmar Town Hall Landscape Project

So on Monday they were busy tearing up the parking lot
and on thru the week they worked
and this is where they were at the end of Friday.
Hopefully it will mostly be pavers and stone work as Public Works does a number of things right but maintaining landscaping isn't one of them.   

Crab Prices 1971

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Art In The Park

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society (DHAS) will once again give free musical concerts in the State Street Park on Thursdays in the Month of July.  They will go from 6 to 8 PM starting on Thursday July 12th and continue on July 19th and July 26th.  Vendors will be at the park to sell craft items and food. So bring a lawn chair and come out and listen to the music. 

Flag day and Birthdays

"I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself."

Today is Flag Day - Let's hear it for Flag Day
It is also my cousin's Jack's Birthday so Happy Birthday Jack.

And it is my mother's birthday, turning 88, so happy birthday Mom. 
My brother and his family stopped by to join us for Ice Cream and Cake.  It's evil to make strange poses behind an 88 year old woman's back but nevertheless.

actually she seem to enjoy a small flock of ducklings that came across her yard to swim in the birdbath more than our company. 

Another "Cash For Gold" Store In Salisbury

I had written before about the building Radford's Bakery was in  Now it looks like it is becoming a Cash For Gold Place
I guess the building just wasn't big enough for a mattress store.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Free To Breathe 5 K Run

I received this email about the Free To Breathe 5 K Run - never hear of the organization and it goes against my campaign to encourage kids to smoke but I will post it anyway.   Who in the hell wants to run 5K inthe middle of August on the Eastern Shore?

The Free to Breathe Delmarva 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk and Kids’ Dash is an excellent way for Delmarva-area residents to get involved in a great cause. All proceeds benefit the National Lung Cancer Partnership - particularly its education, awareness programs and research. Lung cancer takes more lives than any other cancer in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, yet resources and research for this cancer continue to be severely underfunded.
Below is a calendar listing for the event. If you could post it to your site and/or print it in your publication we would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if you need any further information or are interested in speaking with an event spokesperson.
Kind regards,
Jessica Jurek
Event Contact Info: this link:


 Delmarva Residents Come Together to Defeat Lung Cancer

Third Annual Free to Breathe® 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk and Kids’ Dash

WHAT: Register today for the Free to Breathe Delmarva 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk and Kids’ Dash, a fun event for the entire family that brings the community together to inspire hope and create change for everyone impacted by lung cancer. Together we can fuel the movement to defeat this disease, and help those diagnosed live longer, better lives.

All proceeds help support the National Lung Cancer Partnership’s vital research, education and awareness programs. For more information, to register or donate, visit

WHEN: Sunday, August 12

6:30 a.m. - Registration & check-in
8:00 a.m. - Warm-up & rally
8:30 a.m. - 5K run/walk*
10:15 a.m. - Kids' dash, presentation of awards

*A 1 mile walk will begin following the 5K start.

WHERE: Cape Henlopen High School
1270 Kings Highway
Lewes, Del. 19958

REGISTER: Online (closes Aug. 8)
$20/$10 (ages 12 and under)

Mail-In (must be received by Aug. 3)
$23/$10 (ages 12 and under)

Event Day (beginning at 7 a.m.)
$25/$10 (ages 12 and under)

The June P&Z Meeting Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night (June 14th) at 7 pm the Delmar Planning and Zoning commission will have their monthly meeting.  This meeting will be for new items in June and the carry over from last month P&Z meeting that did not occur because they couldn't get enough members to attend.

Some of items on the agenda;
Tiana McCrea of Verizon Wireless in Delmar will ask for approval for roof top balloons.
Brain Adkins wants to build a house on lot 15 Yorkshire estate
3rd wave Brewing wants sign approval
Doug Marshall of Heron pond will discuss his open space plan.
and the Nat'l Bank of Cambridge wants an extension on Stillwater - for those who may not remember Stillwater as it was lasted discussed about 2008 - it is a proposed development on RT54 (Delaware Side) that was originally approved for 130 single family homes and then they wanted to change it to 370 units and then I think they went into bankrupt and the Bank took it over.   The Jeffery Fowler Group  has it listed at 2.2Million but they say it is approved for 172 lots.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Local Plane Crash

Picked up from WGMD

DSP News Release: Aircraft Incident near Delmar
Location: 38000 block of Contentment Lane, Delmar, DE
Date of Occurrence: Monday June 11, 2012 at approximately 12:53 p.m.
Delmar, DE- The Delaware State Police responded to an incident this afternoon where a plane overturned in a farmer’s field.
The incident occurred at approximately 12:53 p.m. as small single engine aircraft landed in a field in the area of the 38000 block of Contentment Lane near Delmar, DE. After the plane landed and was taxiing forward, it flipped over prior to coming to a stop. The single occupant of the plane, the pilot, was able to free himself and was not injured in the incident.
The Federal Aviation Administration will be investigating this incident.

School Is Out

Take Your Child To Work With You

Gordon Riner 1924-2012

I neglected to mention back in April about the passing of Gordon Riner. I worked with Gordon at NCR in Millsboro Delaware in the 1970's. At that time NCR routinely had a round of layoffs every three or four years. It didn't matter how long you had worked with them if your boss wasn't supporting you at the time, odds were you got layoff. So it was with Gordon who as I recall had 15 or 20 years with NCR. Anyway Gordon enjoyed sports parachuting and he connected with DEL TECH in Georgetown to teach a sport Parachuting course. I took the course and since I am still alive it shows he was an okay instructor. It was a good buy, for $25 you had four nights of instructions than they took you to Milford and threw you out of an airplane with a parachute. Gordon was involved in sports parachuting all over the shore but mainly in Ridgely, Maryland and Laurel Delaware and I feel was a driving force in the field. He is another one that will be missed.

Coastal point obituary

 Gordon E. Riner, 87

Gordon E. Riner, 87, passed away Sunday, April 8, 2012.
He was born Aug. 17, 1924, in Richmond, Ind., one of four boys, to Clifford E. and Mary Johnson Riner. He was a loving husband to his wife, Marian, for 62 years and the proud father of three daughters, Deborah, Cynthia and Robyn. Riner loved being a father and spending time with his daughters, whether it was taking them to gymnastics or the airport, reading, going on walks or just listening to them and instilling the belief that, with enough hard work, they were capable of anything.

Riner served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific in World War II. After his discharge, he was a catcher for the Wilson Tobacconists baseball team in the Coastal Plains League. He was a competitive pistol shooter, winning national competitions. He was also an avid astronomer, built his own telescopes and patiently taught those interested, including his grateful son-in-law Jack, about the beauty of the heavens.

In 1963, Riner found his calling in the sport of parachuting. He was a member of the U.S. Parachute Team in 1968. He then became a judge, culminating in his judging the international sports parachuting meet in Graz, Austria. He often remarked how fleeting childhood was and realized that some moments can never be recaptured. He shared his love of life with his grandchildren, Lance, Matthew, Morgan and her husband, Jason Fry, Maggie, Frances, John and Gordon. He introduced countless people to the sport of skydiving and described parachuting, paraphrasing Lewis Carroll, “It’s like falling down a rabbit hole into the magical kingdom of the sky.”

A funeral service was scheduled for Thursday, April 12, 2012, at 12:30 p.m. at Watson Funeral Home, Millsboro, Del. The Rev. Earl Baker was to officiate, and interment was to follow at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Millsboro.

Melvin Smart Sept 1961

Monday's Marilyn

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Allied Cab 1961 Ad Salisbury

1971 Ad with Sonny and Cher

Twelve Mile Circle

There is a blog called "Twelve Mile Circle" that has recently wrote about the drive from Mardela to Delmar.  He consider it unusual and seemed to have an interest in place names created by mashing together two or more other place names  - Geographic portmanteaus - which which Mardela and Delmar share.