Thursday, July 05, 2012

Denilesville, Delaware

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt." Quote from Mark Twain

But Denilesville is located between Delmar and Bacon.  Denilesville has ceased to exist but back in the 1920's it was about eight houses and two general stores ( I have been told one of the stores was run by a relative of Riley W. Adkins, noted general store owner in Delmar).  It was never very large, and I have never seen it appear on a map.  To locate Denilesville head west on Old Crow Road and just as you pass over the Rail Road tracks you are there.  Altho small and was not a railroad stop it did have a mail pickup arm that the train would drop off and pickup mail as it went by.
Denilesville today - May be the same house that was auctioned off in 1921

Auction ad in 1921 of house in Denilesville.

Ribbon Cutting Laurel Delaware Train Station

Well I braved the heat to go to the grand opening of the restored Laurel's Train station.
It was about 95 degrees and they had what seem like a ton of people talk about the work they had done to get this train station and museum restored.  The hot air greatly added to the heat of the day. 
but finally everyone stopped talking and cut the ribbon.
This is a  great looking place and a lot of money has gone into it to make it great ( I understand $200,000 was spent on the parking lot alone.)

I know the difficulties financially we have in Delmar trying to have a Historical and Arts Society and the Laurel Historical Society has several buildings they keep up and now Laurel has the Laurel Heritage Museum. 
It shows the advantage of having elected state officials living in your town.
Even Don Darby, noted train hobbyist and collector, braved the heat and was there.
Outside is a Coastal geodetic Marker benchmark that was reset in 1948.  Back in 1903 the Coast and geodetic Survey  
set a copper bolt ((Pennsylvania Railroad bench mark #58) in the doorstill of the Ladies' waiting room (not Bath room - waiting room) to show Laurel was 30.487 feet above sea level in 1903.  I did not spy the copper bolt in this trip thru the station.

1921 Dance at Oakley Beach

Oakley Beach was in Cambridge Maryland

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Joshua Palmer Moves On

I understand Joshua Palmer, the new High School Band Director in Delmar, has decided to move on and has accepted a position at Smyrna High School. This, of course, means the Delmar High School is now looking for a Band Director.  And Band Camp should be starting in about 5 weeks.

Laurel recently lost their band director, who had really done a fabulous job rebuilding the band in Laurel.  It would appears any teaching job in the "Arts" field is hard to hang on to.

A Nun's Death Certificate

While browsing thru Death Certificates I came across this one of Sister Ann Mary King who was 83 when she died in 1925.  Now you don't really think to much about Nuns and any kind of personal data on them so I found this interesting in a couple of aspects.  First, the person reporting the nun's death gave her name as "Mother Superior" (most death certificates give an actually name).   Second the married, widowed , divorced are scratched out leaving her status as "Single" which kills that old myth of Nuns being married to Jesus.  Finally it gives her parent's names, which when doing family trees is a blessing.

Days When School Kids Were Taught To Shoot

1962 North Dorchester High School Year Book - Joanna Hambleton shoots a sub machine gun.

The Freeny Hearne - Cemetery Grave Orientation

As you know the Delmar Historical and Arts Society have been doing some work at the Freeney-Hearne cemetery west of Delmar.  The orientation of the cemetery follows the traditional Christian cemetery East-West orientation.  It is a common practice to bury the dead in an East/West direction so that on judgement day the dead would rise  facing the East and the righteous would be judged in the morning of that last day.  The Freeney Hearne cemtery follows that pattern with Headstones at the west of the grave and at the east of grave is a footstone.  The writing on the Tombstone faces West, away from the grave.