Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bi-State Pharmacy Is Open

Bi-State Pharmacy has moved from State street over to Grove Street - still downtown. Easy parking in the Funeral Home parking lot.
Ed Asare, the Pharmacist, still has a few things to install but he is operating and ready for you to stop by. 

I really like going to him as he remember my name, wife name and kid's names and tracks my and their prescriptions.


August 27 Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Seaford Library - Should be a good talk.  It is being done by Syl Woolford

Hastings Butcher Shop

I stopped by Hasting Butcher Shop today always a great change from the supermarkets and really not that much more expensive.

Sometimes you do have to step over the dog going in.   To get there go west on State Street and turn right on to Horsey Church Road and drive three miles north and you are there. 

The Two Chicks Fall Barn Sale Is Just Around The Corner

Yes on September 6th the Two Chicks will have their Fall barn sale out at 36188 Columbia Road, Delmar Delaware - follow the crowd.

The 1929 Delmar Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose

Members of the Delmar Historical and Arts Society are working on the caboose in Delmar.
It had a number of rotten boards.
The Delmar 1929 Penna Railroad caboose arrived in June of 1976 in time for the National Bicentennial.  The caboose cost in 1976 $1,000 and the money was raised by fundraising events and the sale of cookbooks.  
This wasp nest was an exciting find when the rotten board was pulled off. 
So it still requires a repaint job in order to be ready for Delmar Heritage Days out in September. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weight Lifting Wednesday

What's For Supper?

Sometime Saying NO has too be backed Up With Action

More Money For Government

More borrowing - more paying back by the tax payers, last week it was the Delaware side of town for $400,000.  This group of elected people are going to kill us with taxes and borrowing.  At least the Delaware side has a chance to get rid of them this year.  Did you look at your tax bill from the town this year?

Following the Federal government example of borrowing the Town of Delmar seem to have forgotten where the money comes from and after borrowing for the new town hall do the police need a million dollar building?  They are using that speed camera enough if anything we should be laying some off.

So while they are in a million dollar building you can go shop for a new refrigerator box to live in across the track in the woods with the rest. 

When this first started the police were going to move into the old municipal town hall and maybe it would cost $100,000 to fix up,  the $100,000 was bad enough to swallow now they want a million for two town that have less than 3,000 people (less than 1,500 family units) in each town. 

So get off your ass and go to the town hall meeting and tell them - NO.

The Fights In 1931

Berlin – Ocean City News April 9th, 1931, Berlin Md.


Boxing Card For Friday night Is Announced by P. C. Lee Matchmaker

Benjamin H. Parsons, known as the Taylorville Tornado , of Berlin will swap punches with Daly Williams of Delmar, Del., at the Salisbury arena, tomorrow night, Friday.

The rest of the program announced yesterday by P. C. Lee, Matchmaker, follows;
8 Rounds – Leslie Powell, Portsmouth, Va., meets Benny Funderburg , Camp Holabird, Md., heavy weight bout.
6 Rounds – Kid Guthrie, Salisbury vs. Mutt Gordon, Portsmouth, Va.
4 Rounds – Otto Capel, Starr, Md. Vs. Jake Kirschoff, Portsmouth, Va.; K. O. Brown, Cashville, Va.,  meets Tommy Silver, Portsmouth, Va.,  and Ben Parson of Berlin battles Daly Williams of Delmar, Del.

What Color Is That Colored Person?

Harpo nearly big as his daddy.  He strong in body but weak in will.  He scared.  Me and him out in the field all day.  Us sweat, chopping and plowing.  I'm roasted coffee bean color now.  He is black as the inside of a chimney.
The Color Purple by Alice Walker

When I attended UMES in Princess Anne I found people of Color had a much wider range of descriptions for their skin color than us poor Caucasians with our range of Fish Belly White to Olive.  At that time (in the seventies) everyone seem to base their description on coffee.  When I was the only white person in a class I was referred to as "that speck of cream in a cup of black coffee".  From that base it went into; cafe au lait, chocolate, mocha, Caramel, "he has got some cream in his coffee", honey, the color of coffee ice cream, cafe latte, and "poured in to much cream don't even know he is coffee."

Reminds you of the Wanda Sykes comedy routine in which she mentioned how the "random screenings" at airports weren't really random, considering  that they had a Benjamin Moore paint chart at the gate, and if you were darker than "khaki," you were getting screened.

While thumbing thru the book  "Somerset County Maryland Certificates of Freedom 1821-1864" I was struck by the skin color references.

In Maryland, the Law of 1805 Chapter 66, required free blacks to have a Certificate of Freedom.
This certificate was issued by the clerk in the county court house and among the items contained in it, beside name, was skin color and height.  As a note, most everyone was under 5'6" in these certificates between 1821 to 1864.  It also indicated if the person was free due to being born of a free woman or by manumitting. 

From the book "Somerset County Maryland Certificates of Freedom 1821-1864";

Looking at 886 Certificates of Freedom (COF), skin color descriptions would fall in to 14 skin shades.  No doubt these shades of color were described by white people as people of color would have listed at least fifty different shades. 

Chestnut - 215 COF
Dark Chestnut - 164 COF
Dark - 148 COF
Black - 99 COF
Light Chestnut - 51 COF
Yellow - 46 COF
Bright Mulatto - 42 COF
Copper - 36 COF
Mulatto - 31 COF
Very Dark - 24 COF
Yellow Bright Mulatto - 19 COF
Brown - 7 COF
Light Yellow - 3 COF
Nearly Black - 1 COF

Today it would be hard to determine which color description in these "certificate of freedom"would be the blackest and which would be the lightest - is "Very Dark", darker than "Black" and is "Yellow Bright" lighter than "Bright"?

Harpo tell me all his love business now.  His mind on Sofia Butler day and night.
She pretty, he tell me.  Bright.
Naw.  Bright Skin.  She smart too though.
Harpo bring her over to meet his daddy ..... Harpo so black he think she is bright, but she aint that bright.  Clear medium brown skin, gleam on it like on good furniture.  Hair notty but lots of it, tied up on her head in a mass of plaits..... strong and ruddy looking, like her mama brought her up on pork.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Planning and Zoning Commission Meets Thursday

The Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission meets Thursday Night (August 23rd)  at Town Hall at 7:00 PM.  Some of the items on the agenda are;

Eric James Sign approval for State Farms at the Commons.
Anthony Smith Boundary Line adjustment between 503 and 505 East Pine.
Furniture and More (North of Commons Shopping Center) request to allow banners
Furniture and More (North of Commons shopping Center)- Tent Permit

Delmar Delaware Upcoming Election File - By September 7th



Qualifications for Mayor and Council Members are that they shall (a) be a citizen of the
United States, (b) be at least twenty-one(21) years of age on the date of the general election, (c)
have no felony convictions (d) reside in the State of Delaware for at least one (1) year prior to the
date of the general election, (e) reside in the corporate limits of the Town of Delmar for at least
one (1) year immediately preceding the date of the general election, (f) be a qualified voter of the
Town of Delmar on the date of the general election and (g) each of the qualifications for Town
Mayor or Councilperson shall be a continuing qualification to hold office and the failure of any of
the Mayor or Councilpersons to have any of the qualifications required during the terms of his or
her office will create a vacancy in the office.

Anyone declaring their candidacy must fill out a Certificate of Intention form at the Town
Hall by 4:30 p.m., Friday, September 7, 2012. No person shall file for nomination to more than
one (1) elective town public office at any time.

To be eligible to vote in this upcoming municipal election, persons must be a resident of
the Town of Delmar for at least six (6) months prior to election, be the age of at least 18 years by
date of election. Voter registration applications are available at Town Hall. Registration is Monday
through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 100 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, MD. Voters
must be registered by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 7, 2012 to be eligible to vote in this
election. Absentee ballot applications are available at Town Hall. The deadline to receive an
application for an absentee ballot is 4:30 p.m., Friday, September 17, 2012. All absentee ballots
must be returned no later than 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 1, 2012.