Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wicomico County, Delmar, and Sussex Tech School Opening

The 2012-13 school year will begin Monday, Aug. 27 and end June 6, 2013 for Wicomico County. Students will be off Nov. 21-23 for the Thanksgiving break, Dec. 24-Jan. 1 for the winter holidays (schools close at the regular time Friday, Dec. 21 and reopen Jan. 2), and March 28-April 2 for the spring holidays. (In response to input, the spring holidays were shifted by one day to have three days of instruction each week, instead of two days one week and four days the next.) June 4, 5 and 6 will be half-days. Schools will also be closed Sept. 3 (Labor Day), Oct. 19 (Maryland State Education Association Convention), Nov. 6 (General Election), Jan. 21 (Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday), Feb. 18 (Presidents’ Day) and May 27 (Memorial Day). Schools will be closed for students (but open for teachers) for professional days on Sept. 28, Nov. 5 (changed from Nov. 2 after input), and Jan. 22 and 23. The 2013 commencement dates are as follows: May 21, Evening High School; May 28, James M. Bennett High; May 29, Parkside High; May 30, Mardela High; and May 31, Wicomico High

Delmar school district term has already started.

Sussex Tech will start their school term on Monday.

So watch how you drive people, kids will be over the place Monday and a number of them will be new drivers showing off - beware. 

Will They Ever Get Done?

Friday the concrete people came back onto First Street and cut out sections of the sidewalk (how many times have they done this since this project started?) and poured new concrete back into the cutout section.  In talking to them they don't seem very happy about the project either as they say they are losing money on it and every time they turn around there is another problem.  Maybe next week the street will have the finished coat of tar put down and almost be complete they say.  I have about as much faith in that as I have in Chris Mills doing something with the LeCates Building down town.

The Freeney/Hearn Cemtery

Saturday (before the rains came) members of the Delmar Historical and Arts Society went to the Freeney/Hearne Cemetery and removed weeds and leveled the ground 
We hope to lay sod in the cemetery next week