Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Freeney/ Hearne Ceremony Today

A slight change in plans;

You will not go to the Oakwood Sod farm office - you can drive directly back to the cemetery
At 1 o'clock today the Delmar Historical and Arts Society will have a small ceremony at the Freeney/ Hearne Cemetery. Please join us. The directions to the cemetery are;

 To get to the Freeney/Hearne Cemetery  go west across the railroad tracks on RT54 (State Street) in Delmar and go about 2/10th of a mile and turn left on Waller Road (in front of the Old Mill) travel down Waller Road about one half mile and on the left will be a dirt road leading back toi the cemetery.  Signs will be put out directing you there. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Local Sussex County Election for 2012

Besides the Town election which occurs at different time from the National election we have some other people seeking public office in Sussex County.

For the Delaware Senatorial Seat in District #21; we have Robert Venables (D) from Laurel who has had the job forever, Bryant Richardson (R) Seaford running against him, and John Porter (L) from Seaford running against both of them.   - Besides the fact Venables has been in office too long and is part of the Laurel Good Old Boys network, I have no opinion on the other two.

For The Delaware Represetative in District #40 - this is one Biff Lee is giving up - you have a choice of Bejamin Lowe (D) Laurel or Timothy Dukes (R) Laurel - it doesn't matter which one you vote for - both are Laurel Good Old Boys and aren't going to do jack shit for Delmar. Might as well write your own name in on the voting machine, at least it would show you don't care for either one.

For Sussex County Clerk of the Peace - Running are John Brady (D) Lewes, Brooks Madison Witzke (R) Laurel or David Eisenhour (L) Lewes -  Seriously does anyone have any great interest in this row office elected position besides the people who are running for it?

Delmar New Century Club Turns 100

As part of Delmar Heritage/Pride Day tomorrow the Delmar New Century Club will celebrate it's 100th anniversary by having an open house from 3 to 4 pm at the Delmar Fire House.

The Last Day Of Summer

Fall begins tomorrow


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delmar Police Department Becomes Army Transportation Depot

So what's with the 8 or 9 military vehicles parked at the Delmar police Department?  I hope they are not another freebie that the police have gotten that will cost us all an arm and leg in taxes to maintain. 

Sprucing Up The Downtown

About 9 am this morning people were busy power washing and cleaning the Bar and Norfolk Southern Office down town.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's That Time Of The Year Again

Weightlifting Wednesday

The Wethersfield Historical Society Pays It's Rent In Onions

Wethersfield Historical Society Pays Its Rent — In Onions

September 18, 2012|By CHRISTOPHER HOFFMAN, Special to the Courant, The Hartford Courant
WETHERSFIELD — — The rent will make you want to cry.

The Wethersfield Historical Society paid the town council its annual fee this week for the use of the historic Cove Warehouse on Wethersfield Cove: a rope of red onions.
Historical society Director Amy Wittorff presented Mayor Donna H. Hemmann with the braided dark red globes Monday night.

"We'll make sure that these are put to good use," Hemmann said. "In the past, we've donated them to the food pantry."

Wittorff said that the practice of paying red onions to rent the warehouse, which sits at the center of the town seal, stretches back decades. Three years ago, the society and the town signed a new lease renewing the red onion rent for another 50 years, she said.

"It's a cute, quaint little tradition," Wittorff said.

The society and town use red onions because of the central role they played in Wethersfield history, Wittorff said. They were grown as a cash crop in the early 19th century and shipped from the cove warehouse to the West Indies, she said.

Red onions are still grown in Wethersfield, as were the ones presented to the town. They are also sometimes used as a symbol of the town.

"Red onions are our bread and butter," said Candace Holmes, president of the historical society's governing board.

The warehouse's rent was due in June, but scheduling conflicts delayed payment until this week, Wittorff said.

The town demanded no extra onions in interest and penalties.

Delmar Heritage Pride day Is This Saturday

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are You Better Off Today?

Are you better off than you were four years ago?  Dumbass question.  Anyone who buys groceries, gas or any commodity can tell you hell no.  Selling your house - Good Luck on that one.  Unemployment percentages are up from four years ago (7.8% vs 8.3%) and they are made-up lies numbers from the government, I still insist the rate is more like 13%.  As I recall four years ago there were no pan handlers at the Northpoint Shopping Center (Walmart) now there are about 5.  When I turn off the RT50 bypass onto Snow Hill Road there is even a guy there with his hand out.  My car was rummaged thru a couple weeks ago and about ten dollars in change was taken.  Foolish me for thinking I could leave my car unlocked in my own driveway in Delmar but they had a homeless person confess to the crime.   It use to be kids that would a stunt like that now it is homeless people.

Four years ago I could take plastic soda bottles to the store where I bought them and get a 4 cent deposit back - today Governor Markell sticks that money in his pocket and tells me I have to put the bottles in a recycle can which I am sure next year I will have to pay for the pickup of it. 

The Town of Delmar Delaware wants to borrow $400,000 for their share of a million dollar upgrade to the old town hall to make it a 'modern' police building.  The town of Delmar Maryland is adding the part of the money - fools - this is for a town that has less than 6,000 people and the Delaware side already borrowed $600,000 for the 'new" town hall.  Like Dirksen use to say about uncontrolled government spending: "A million here, a million there, pretty soon, you're talking real money."  I think one of the big differences in this take out a loan outlook depends on  rather you are a taxpayer supporter employee or a private business employee.  The taxpayer supporter person will almost always say SPEND SPEND SPEND - hell most of the time they don't live in Delmar anyway and second they have no idea how to generate money - only spend it.

Do I blame the President for some of this mess - No - the President is not a leader only a figurehead - I blame congress for this mess and as long as you return the same people to office it will stay a mess.   

Tombstone Tuesday

Above is the gravestone of Elijah Tunnell.  It is located in Key West, Florida.  I obtained the photo from Find-A-Grave. 
On May 11th 1898 the US Torpedo boat “Winslow” engaged the Spanish at Cardenas Harbor, East of Havana. The “Winslow” was badly damaged in the ensuing battle. It resulted in the death of 5 sailors and several wounded. One of the dead was Elijah J. Tunnell of Accomack County, Virginia. He was a colored cabin Cook on the "Winslow". He had just enlisted on March 21,1898.  He had both legs blown off in a shell burst and later died from the wound.
From “History Of Negro Soldiers In The Spanish American War: by Edward A. Johnson.

Elijah B. Tunnell was employed as cabin cook on the Winslow. The boat, under a severe fire from masked batteries of the Spanish on shore, was disabled. The Wilmington came to her rescue, the enemy meanwhile still pouring on a heavy fire. It was difficult to get the "line" fastened so that the Winslow could be towed off out of range of the Spanish guns. Realizing the danger the boat and crew were in, and anxious to be of service, Tunnell left his regular work and went on deck to assist in "making fast" the two boats, and while thus engaged a shell came, which, bursting over the group of workers, killed him and three others. It has been stated in newspaper reports of this incident that it was an ill-aimed shell of one of the American boats that killed Tunnell and Bagley. Tunnell was taken on board the Wilmington with both legs blown off, and fearfully mutilated. Turning to those about him he asked, "Did we win in the fight boys?" The reply was, "Yes." He said, "Then I die happy."
In addition to Tunnell;  John Varveres, John Denfec, Feorge Mock and Worth Bagley died on the “Winslow”.

Elijah Tunnell was the son of John A. and Sarah Tunnell of Wattsville, Virginia.  John Tunnell in the 1880 Census at age 40 was a farmer and beside his wife, had four boys and three girls living at home in Wattsville, Virginia.    John Tunnell had served in the Civil War, enlisting  in Company D, 9th Reg color troops at Drummondtown, Va. on November 11, 1863 at the age of 22.

Getting Ready For Heritage Day

There has been some sprucing up in preparation for Heritage day on Saturday.
Mason Dixon Auction has put a new coat of paint on their building and it looks good.
The Delmar Historical and Arts Society has put a fresh coat of paint on the Caboose.  The Society had planned to build a new set of steps at one end of the caboose but you know the how the availability of volunteer labor goes.  Happily Mike Houlihan stepped-in (No Pun intended) and donated a set of steps at the caboose for Heritage Day.  Now you can go in one end of the caboose and out the other end without creating a traffic jam inside the caboose turning around to leave by the way you came in. 
And of course the LeCates Building continue to be in the same shape it has been in for all the Heritages Day festivals.  It is a continuing announcement to the world of the state of decay Delmar Delaware is in.

The VFW Yardsale On Heritage Day

VFW Ladies Auxiliary will be having a yard sale at the Post. If you want to rent a table call the post at 896-3722. Inside/Outside

P&Z Meeting Thursday Night

On September 20th, Thursday the Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission will have their monthly meeting 7 PM in Town Hall.  Among the items that may be discussed are;

 Betrice Hamilton of 28 E. State street (MD) will ask for rezoning

The Delmar Wesleyan Church at 800 East Street (MD) will ask for a larger sign

Furniture and More on the highway (DE) will ask for a monument sign, a second story sign and banners.

The Freeney/ Hearne Ceremony On Saturday

At 1 o'clock on Saturday the Delmar Historical and Arts Society will have a small ceremony at the Freeney/ Hearne Cemetery.  Please join us.  The directions to the cemetery are;

The Freeney/Hearne Cemetery is on private property that is used by Oakwood Sod Farms. To get there, go west across the railroad tracks on RT54 (State Street) in Delmar and go about 2/10th of a mile and turn left on Waller Road (in front of the Old Mill) travel down Waller Road about one mile and on the left will be Oakwood Sod farms. Go up their drive way and a wagon will be available to take you back to the cemetery.  Due to limited parking around the cemetery it was felt it would best to provide this form of transportation back to the cemetery.  Should you be handicap talk to someone at Oakwood about being allowed to drive back.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Disadvantage Getting Older

One of the less pleasant aspects of getting older is the realization a number of people you knew are not getting older.  Each week it seems someone else you know dies.  A couple of weeks ago it was Luther Hitchens.  Luther was 65 and that doesn't seem that old at my age.  My relationship with Luther was by way of him being a Delmar Maryland Commissioner.  I always felt he was decent guy.  He certainly was not one who sit back on his ass and let other people run the town for him.  Beside Commissioner he was involved with the VFW and American Legion plus a motor cycle group.  I understand he had a number of daughters and a son plus a wife.  I feel for their loss and for the town's loss.

Money Whores

Once again last night was cool and for a change from the past hot summer we could open the windows and let the air in, but not for long, by 8 PM the Delmar Speedway was blasting away so the only option you have is to close up the house to keep the noise down.  Even that doesn't help.

So now Mark Cathell is trying to sell his "Decorating Delmarva Holiday Festival of Lights" ideal.  A 36-night event, starting in mid-November, features six major sections on a two-mile tour through an animated tour of the North Pole, holiday lights and community-built displays and concludes with a visit to Santa's Village.

He has convinced a number of schools, churches, and other nonprofit groups to help him sell advance tickets and he will kick back a third of the money to their organization.  Are these organizations such money whores that they would help the largest noise polluter in Delmar continue to support his race track?  Yes they are.  Those organizations could care less about the quality of life in Delmar and we should remember them and their position in supporting the race track endeavors in the future.  including any elected officials who decide it is a good thing to support them. 

The Water Department Screwed Up In June

Plum Island New York Is Up For Sale

New York's Plum Island, home to the country's only laboratory that studies infectious animal diseases that could affect the livestock industry, is up for sale.  Plum Island is a remote 840-acre island off the eastern tip of Long Island. The government plans to close the lab and open a new $1.14 billion facility in Kansas.

Read and see pictures here;

Google Sucks

Like many of you I have Google as my home page but recently I have become fed up with it.  They have so many paid sites (sponsored links) that the first two pages of so call "hits" are nothing more than advertising with no content.   So what search engines do you suggest or is everyone using Google?

Grito de Dolores (The Start of Mexico's Independence Day) Is Today

Cry of Dolores – Celebrates the Grito de Dolores, an event that marked the start of the independence war against Spain on the eve of September 16, 1810. It took place at a church chapel in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, led by a Creole Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

Weatherization of My Mother's House

My mother recently qualified for a Maryland Energy Audit and Weatherization program.  Three men came out and spent three days going over her house adding more insulation in the attic sealing various cracks etc in the attic, wrapping hot water pipes, changing out light bulbs, putting a vapor barrier in the crawl space and putting insulation in the crawl space.  I was impressed.  They seem to do it right but any kind of home improvement job only shows up the errors over a period of time.  So we shall see. At the moment they get an A plus from me.

Texting Or Masterbating

I will tell you that don't use your cell phone while driving law is a waste.  I see state police talking on them while driving, town police, town employees and about a quarter of the cars you see have the driver talking or holding the cell phone and texting.  Last week when returning to Delmar I was in the left turn lane at the traffic light by Gordy's Exxon and some young girl was ahead of me waiting for the left turn traffic signal to turn green.  I don't know what she was doing, but whatever hand maneuvering she was doing to her "lap" was more interesting than driving - at least to her- as when the signal finally turned green she continued to sit there and do whatever she was doing until the last moment when she pulled forward thru the light and I had to sit thru another red light. 

Cat Help

Yesterday I was rewinding some string and found having two cats help you with the project was a great help.  Neither seem to know how the string got off the spool in the first place. 

Crab Prices At The Laurel Junction Flea Market