Monday, January 21, 2013

A Message From DelDot

Maine Trailer Tags Are Not Legal for Delaware Residents

Heavy Fines if Found in Violation

Dover -- The Delaware State Police (DSP) and the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are reminding Delaware residents with "T" tag trailers that the practice of getting them registered from the State of Maine as a cost-saving measure is a violation of Delaware Code. This practice also poses a safety risk to all motorists since trailers with Maine plates are assumed to be uninspected.

At any time on the roadways of Delaware one can most likely expect to see a disproportionate number of trailers from Maine that are being towed by Delaware registered vehicles. First State drivers may not understand this odd combination. The State of Maine allows any citizen from any state to register their trailers at an extremely low cost and in some cases without inspection.

Col. Nathaniel McQueen, Jr. of the Delaware State Police explained, "Delaware law requires that if you live in this state for 60 consecutive days you are required to register your vehicles and trailers in Delaware. The only exception to this law is those vehicles that are covered under the International Registration Plan (IRP) which are normally 18-wheeled tractor trailers."

Jennifer Cohan, Division of Motor Vehicles Director stated, "If you are not a tractor trailer owner/operator registered with IRP and you live in Delaware and you have your trailer registered in Maine, you are violating Delaware law."

The penalties for violating this section of the traffic code (Title 21 section 2102) include fines of no less than $400 nor more than $600 for the first offense; the penalty for each subsequent offense is not less than $800 nor more than $1,200 or imprisonment of not less than 10 days or more than 30 days.

In order to address this ongoing violation of Delaware code the DMV and the DSP are joining together to address this situation. Over the first few months of 2013 the agencies will work to educate impacted groups and remind them of the requirements. DSP and DMV do understand that there will be questions on the issue. Those with concerns are encouraged to call the DMV at 302-744-2535 for clarification.

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