Monday, January 21, 2013

Last Night's Raven Game and Sam's Club

As those who read this blog are aware my wife works at Sam's Club and last night they had their "Winter" employee dinner.  Due to the Ravens versus Patriots game occurring at the same time a large size TV was set up in the room where the dinner was.  Well, as those who read this blog are aware I could give a crap less about any sport game, what did interest me was after the Ravens won how happy people were.  Only part so from being Raven fans but also they knew it would be good for business.  Besides the licensed merchandise, the bakery department knew they would be knocking out Cupcakes and Cakes in Raven colors, and up until after superball time business would be good.

Blogger, the platform I use for this blog,  has once again made a change and now I have to go a round Robin route to up load photographs to the blog posts, so you will be seeing less photos in the future.

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