Monday, January 14, 2013

The Delmar Police Commission January 2013

The Delmar Police Commission meeting was held tonight at 6:30 PM.  It went into executive session at 7 PM.  The members of the commission are Mayor Houlihan, Mayor Anderton and Commissioner Gibb. 

The police have received money from several grants totally over $85K.  One grant from Sussex County for $25K is being used to buy a new police car.  The choice was between a Dodge Charger at $22K or a Chevy Tahoe at over $25K.  Happily Mayor Houilhan spoke up for spending less instead of spending more it will be the Charger, people.   He also explained that the motions made at the Police commission are really just recommendations to the joint council not the finally say on the matter. 

Another grant for $19,695 will go for camera in the parks.  Another $5K grant will go for a smartboard in the police training room (dumb idea, give them a blackboard and a piece of chalk).  A $4K grant will go for Police Overtime. Finally a $30,500 grant for video cameras in the police car.

Again the school traffic flow problem was discussed.  Again no one was totally pleased
 with it.  Reminds you of that old Ricky Nelson song "Garden party."

But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself

The Delmar police responded to what they thought was a drug overdose to someone under 18 years of age who was unresponsive .  Turned out once the person was in the hospital it was a very aggressive bacterial disease.  Beware

As I said at 7 PM they went into executive session and judging from the people who were staying for it we may be in for another cost overrun on the police department project.


Dixie said...

Like you, I don't know what the reason was for the closed session but I would imagine that if it has to do with cost overruns on the new police dept. that it would have to be brought up in OPEN session because that should be PUBLIC information.
Delmar does things sometimes that really raise suspicion and then they wonder why the people doubt them so much!

Howard said...

Yes and those executive sessions are one of the reasons no one trust government.