Thursday, February 28, 2013

John Bailey - Charcoal Burner - 1928 - Henry Ford and Charcoal Briquettes

As the Death Certificate says John Bailey was a Charcoal Burner who lived in Dagsboro before being send to the Brandywine Sanatorium for TB.  He death was caused by Pulmonary Tuberculosis, now anyone could have that and die from it but you have to wonder with an occupation of Charcoal Burner if this isn't an occupational related death.

The Charcoal making industry was strong in Sussex county.  The Charcoals was used for the iron and steel industry, and gunpowder.

An interesting piece of Trivia information is Henry Ford was a great Recycler.  He would have his workman take the crates his auto supplier sent him to transports their parts and use them to create crates for his vehicles and parts and the wooden parts that went into the vehicles.  The wood not used in crates or the vehicles were used as fuel in the furnace at the steam plant at each auto making location.  The remaining sawdust and wood scraps were sweep up and made into Charcoal briquettes.  E. G. Kingsford and Henry Ford formed a company to sell the briquettes to use for heat in stoves and later for BBQ grilling.

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