Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The DElmar Police Commission February Meeting

I went over into Maryland last night to listen to the Delmar Police Commission meeting in the Maryland town hall.  As usual in these meeting the absolute minimum is said in front of any "public" so other than approval of the previous month's meetings minutes and some discussion of Documented Police procedures, and cuts in items for the new Maryland police department building there was very little for you to follow.  Commissioner Gibb was missing tonight as he apparently didn't get the memo the time at been moved from 6:30 PM to 6 PM.  At 6:15 they declared an executive session (the portion of the meeting closed to the public)  and kicked me out.  I understand they were going to discuss the Critical Response Plan ( What happens if a major catastrophic problem hits Delmar and how they will handle it).  I am not sure that fits the reasons for executive session but this is Delmar and no body gives a shit what happens, so much like the official motto of Somerset County MD; semper eadem Latin for "always the same", semper eadem continues in Delmar.   They are looking at moving the Police Commission from a quarterly meeting to a monthly meeting.

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