Thursday, February 21, 2013

The White House Easter Egg Roll Ticket Raffle Starts Today

The ticket raffle for the popular White House Easter Egg Roll starts Feb. 21. (Today)   Now we know you want your little darling (13 and younger) to have a shot at rolling Easter eggs at the White House ( wonder if the word shot and White House in the same sentence will bring the Feds down on me).  You can be part of the 35,000 people expected to show up for the egg roll.

Anyway you will need to sign up (Free) for the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll lotteryYou will need to create a free account at to be able to enter the lottery when it opens.

The deadline for lottery entries is 10 a.m. Feb. 25.

Lottery results will be available March 1.

This year’s Easter Egg Roll will take place April 1 on the South Lawn of the White House. The event is open to children age 13 and younger and their families.

More information about the event is available at

An online lottery system will distribute thousands of tickets for the 2013 White House Easter Egg

This year’s souvenir eggs come in four bold colors — purple, blue, yellow, pink — and include the stamped signatures of the President and First Lady. A commemorative teal “Bo” egg featuring the First Dog’s paw print is included only in the 2013 5-pack

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