Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The March 11th Special Meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners

Last night the Mayor and Commissioners (well at least three Commissioners, Stephanie Ring was missing) of Delmar, Maryland held a special meeting to listen to public comment on Ordinance #725 Storm Water Management. 

Well it is hard to get Public Comment when no one is theresemper eadem, Latin for "always the same" continues in Delmar

If the Storm Water Management Ordinance sounds familiar it is because it was passed by the Maryland side of town at the end of 2012.  At that time it had the current standards for Maryland modified for the Town of Delmar Maryland in it.  Once it arrived in Annapolis for approval it was rejected because the standards had changed in that short of time.  A new Ordinance had to be prepared (with the associated attorney, advertising fees and other costs) to be submitted once again.

Maryland is famous for this sort of thing.  Back in the 1980's when the town of Delmar was trying to build a waste water treatment plant the State of Maryland held up approval for so long and kept changing standards that the delay and new standards added substantially to the cost of the waste water treatment plant.  About that same time period I was working for a Water and Sewage company in Ocean Pines and a similar type thing happened when we tried to improve on the waste water treatment plant there.   Cost us big bucks and lots of time spend trying to appease the shithead Maryland State officials.

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