Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The March 2013 Delmar Police Commission

Last night the Delmar Police Commission had it's monthly meeting at the Maryland Town Hall.  The meeting started at 6:30 and ended at 7:10 when they once again moved to executive session.  The Police Commission is made up of Both Mayors, Maryland Commissioner Gibb and Police Chief Hal Saylor.

Work continues on the Police Procedure and Police Commission book so unless you are part of the work the meeting is boring.

Police Chief Saylor did say there was 222 Delaware citations given out as compared to 28 Maryland citations.  I will have more to say on that later.

Some of you may have seen the following article published in local news sources back on March 7th;

DELMAR, Md.- A string of break-ins in Wicomico County had people worried on Thursday.
The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office said thieves are stealing expensive equipment and electrical cables from garages and sheds in Delmar.
Sheriff Mike Lewis said that most of these thefts are happening in the late evening into early morning hours off of Waller and Adkins roads.
Power tools, jumbo cables and copper wiring were just a few of the many expensive things that were stolen right out of Michael Hunter's garage.
"This is a new one because they took one just like this one," Hunter said, referring to one of his replacement power tools.
"It was just bad, it was a bad feeling, we have been here 23 years and never had a problem before."
And it's in those 23 years where Hunter said that he's never had to lock up his garage until now.
"All of our neighbors they are good decent people and we never had a problem, but now I've had to install surveillance cameras put signs up and I absolutely hate it," he said.
Thieves also broke into Nancy Parkhursts' garage Friday night just a few miles down from Hunter's home.
 "They busted all the locks of our cabinets and took a $300 power cord that runs our generator and a lot of other electrical cords," Parkhurst said.
She said the stolen things can be replaced but the toughest thing to deal with right now is having her peace of mind taken away.
"Every little light that comes in your window you are up or every noise that you hear you are not getting the sleep that you should get," Parkhurst said.
Lewis said the office is urging everyone to not only lock up their garages and sheds but to also jot down the serial number of any expensive equipment so that it makes it easier for them to locate the item if it's stolen.
Police Chief Saylor said these above incidents of break-ins occurred back in 2008 and he has no idea why the local news sources are reporting them now and saying they are current problems. 
Also if you are interested in Police Ride A Longs it is now age limited to; 18 year olds taking a college course that require it, otherwise you have to be 21 years old to ride with the police while they perform their duties.

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